Forever 21 Nail Stickers

Things you can buy for two dollars: 

♥ A soda
♥ A loaf of bread (if you're lucky)
♥ A very tiny Starbucks
♥ Two packs of gum
♥ A candy bar
♥ Wrapping paper
♥ A pack of cotton balls
♥ These nail stickers from Forever 21

That's right: these nail stickers are $2. I went post-Christmas shopping today and bought three packs, fully expecting them to be awful. I mean, they're only $2!! And not even $2 -- they are $1.80. I got home, put away my other shopping, and went to run myself a bath after dinner. I took off my Christmas polish and picked a set (the one not pictured, a glitter-and-teal checkered print) to put on. 

Remember when I tried some Nails Inc stickers? And they were actually, literally stickers that didn't bend to your nail or flex or anything? I thought these would be like that. I was pleasantly surprised, however, when I pulled them from the package and found, instead, that they smelled like the Sally Hansen ones (like nail polish, overwhelmingly so) and they... felt like the Sally Hansen ones. 

Could they be just as good... for less than $2? 

Short answer: Yes. 

These were actually easier to apply than Sally Hansen. I only had to trim a few stickers for width. With the Sally Hansen brand stickers, I was constantly having to trim the width of stickers to fit my narrow nails. These ones were perfectly shaped and (mostly) good widths.

The only drawback to these nail stickers that I can think of is that they don't come in as many varieties and patterns. There were these ones, plus a pink and glitter check, plus pink with gold hearts, pink with black hearts (like I bought), and teal with pink hearts (like I also bought)... at least in the store closest to me. And if I know anything about Forever 21, it's that every store has different merchandise and it's next to impossible to find the same few things in two different stores. Online, they have these ones, the checkered style in a few colors, and glittery leopard ones, as well as the heart pattern in a bunch of colors. (I seriously just considered ordering the cream and gold ones. I held myself back.) 

Long story short, if you want a set of affordable, fun nail stickers, head to Forever 21 (or forever21.com). For a buck and eighty cents, you can't really go wrong. 

Love & Beauty Perfect Manicure Nail Stickers, $1.80 at Forever 21


  1. I found this post because I was looking for reviews of these nail stickers. I just got the pink/heart ones. I also thought wow, $2, what a deal! Why not try them? But I think these are TERRIBLE! Mine are already coming off and I couldn't get them to lay flat at all. Mine all have creases/folds in them and look really tacky... Did yours go on without creases?

    1. The checkered ones are made of a different material. I also got some of the heart ones and they are awful!!! The checkered ones I love and wear a lot, but the other varieties, I will never buy again! The checkered pattern are a more flexible, sturdy material -- not thin and gross like the heart print ones! I don't know what F21 was thinking... the first set I put on were awesome because they are a great, sturdy material. It doesn't seem to be that hard to make all the designs in the same material!!


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