Getting Ready for Christmas

Things I love most about Christmas:

♥ Getting out my Christmas salt & pepper shakes.
♥ Filling a sparkly tin full of candy canes for the table
♥ Salted caramel candles from Bath & Body Works

♥ Taking on the massive project of sending boxes of baked goods to relatives -- which includes tons of baking, wrapping, labeling, decorating. All fun, but oi vei! Time consuming!
♥ Cute printed labels for gifts (I love these Noel ones!)
♥ Cheap Christmas boxes from the Dollar Store

♥ "Brown (ahem, red) paper packages tied up with string..."
♥ English toffee with chocolate
♥ Hot cocoa with Danny
♥ Fires in the wood stove
♥ Putting up our (non-minature) Christmas tree... even if it does have a section where the lights aren't working!

♥ Putting presents "under the tree" (on a side table, so Remus doesn't chew on them!)
♥ Visiting dollar sections and $5 movie bins for stocking stuffers
♥ Getting excited about my new job
♥ Two weeks off with Danny!

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  1. Congrats on your new job!! Yeah, I looove sending out packages to my friends across the country. I love the preparation and thought that goes into it. Totally time consuming though!

    -Sara, Road to the Heart


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