Inspiration Sunday: December 9

I've been hoarding these pictures since Thanksgiving, but missed that Sunday's post (food poisoning prevented me from being able to string a sentence together). I'm so excited to post them now because I love them. Especially the above picture -- that dress is ridiculous, but amazing at the same time and I kind of want it. I also kind of want weird front-of-face hats to come into style. Let's be real, we could get away with a lot of funny faces and back talk behind them! Or, can we at least bring back those big fans that Gone With the Wind features so prominently? I just want to be able to giggle at people without them knowing. (Lovingly, of course.) 

I've been thinking a lot lately about what I want and where this blog plays into it. Right now, I'm not quite ready to let blogging go, although I do sometimes feel like I'm being left behind in the blogging world. It's hard to watch all the friends I've made hit 300, 400, 500! followers ... and here I am! I've grown a lot while keeping this blog -- it's so weird to go back and read earlier posts and barely recognize that person. I have completely different worries and motivations now. But at the same time, I really love what I've made with this blog, even if it's not "monumental." There is a part of me that wants a big blog following, to have brands knocking down my door... but another part of me knows that blogging is a world that could blow over at a moment's notice. It could bust at any moment. I prefer a little more security.

What are you thinking about today? 

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