Inspiration Sunday: Get Creative!

How do you catalogue what inspires you? 

For Inspiration Sunday, I thought I would mix things up and share two of the main ways I keep track of things that inspire me. Normally, I post all the images I've looked for inspiration or just really enjoyed. These projects (always ongoing, as is the nature of being creative!) are really close to my heart and have very different purposes for me!

I've written about these before, but I am insane about my corkboards. I'm constantly adding things, removing things, rearranging, moving them around. I'm a madwoman when it comes to my corkboards. I want to redecorate them with new scrapbooking paper soon (and maybe a new layer of paint on the edges!), but these are what they look like right now. 

This second board is my absolute favorite because it's such a grab-bag of stuff!
There are senior pictures of my friends and I -- which I love because it reminds me of how far I've come and how far my friends have come! -- as well as a Christmas photo of my friend and her son, an old picture of me when I was 6, Danny and I's engagement photos, and pictures of my nephew. I also display all my necklaces on this board! Also included are ticket stubs for every movie Danny and I have ever attended together -- someday, I want to make an entire board of just ticket stubs, representing every movie we've seen together. It'll be fun to add to it, start new boards, and eventually, show them to our kids. 

I've been scrapbooking since high school. In college, I started to do scrapbook collages using magazine ads, editorials, and found images. I stopped doing it for a while and recently discovered my scrapbook -- I showed it to Danny and he said he was really blown away by what was inside! It reminded me of why I started in the first place.

In college, I read a book about the Sex Pistols that talked about the first punk zine, Sniffing Glue, and how it was made by pasting images and flyers from various sources and then being photocopied. The book also talked about how early Sex Pistols posters were put together in a similar way -- images and stock photos were hand cut and pasted onto huge sheets and then copied. It was early graphic design! I wanted to replicate that hand-crafted look. I love photoshop, but I love the visceral feeling of creating an image with scissors, paper, and glue! 

I use this scrapbook to make lists (playlists mostly!), to play with white space and poetry (the above image is going to hold a poem eventually!), and to catalogue outfits, poses, ideas, color scapes, etc. I rarely ever "finish" pages -- I continually add to old pages as I find material, as I write lists, as I find new music of images that I love. That's the great part about this kind of creation -- you can tweak it until it is just perfect

What do you do to catalogue what inspires you? 

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  1. Oh wow! These are so beautiful! I've recently taken great interest in collaging and scrap-booking (mostly because of the great collages I see on Rookie mag and my natural nostalgic disposition. This post has got me inspired on another level!

    Thanks Michelle.


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