Mad for Plaid

Dress and Sweater, Forever 21
Boots, Kohl's 

Since this blog is ultimately an exercise in personal vanity (and let's be real, most blogs are), I just want to take a moment to say that I almost didn't post these pictures because, as much as I love this sweater, and this outfit, it is not forgiving of or very flattering of my tummy region, which is my least toned region. My hair also looks questionable -- my cowlick is acting up in the back, one of the absolute worst things about growing my hair out -- and I'm making pretty severe derpface in most of these pictures. 

Having said that, I'm kind of over it. A year ago, a good day or bad day was determined by a lot of things, but some days, I would be put into a bad mood by bad outfit photos, either they were blurry or the outfit didn't translate or I caught myself at an unflattering angle. Today, I recognize the sort of bad parts of the photos, pick the decent ones, and move on. Fashion blogging, for a little while, was all I really had as a means of being productive and feeling like I was working. Now, it's turned into being a fun hobby again -- I don't take it so seriously and I'd rather have fun and not let outfit photos put me in a bad mood anymore. It's been two years since I switched my blog from Wordpress to Blogger, which was a huge step for me. I'm so excited to be where I am right now and to have so many opportunities -- and to be learning not to make such a big deal out of little things. 

The moment I saw this sweater in Forever 21, I thought of Charlotte, who loves tartan and wears it very well. I had to buy it, of course, because it was only $20 -- this bit of bargain shopping was busted when I also bought an eyeshadow palette, a hair band ball in the shape of a cupcake (really, it's in a little cupcake liner and everything), and three sets of nail stickers. Oh well. 

When I was little, I wore a lot of plaid. In high school, I avoided plaid because it reminded me so much of my childhood Christmas dresses and of my Catholic school uniforms. By senior year, I had a pair of plaid capris that I wore when I was feeling punk. I even have some of my senior portraits in them: 

(Complete with a studded belt from Hot Topic, I might add, and my hair dyed a very, very dark red.) 

This sweater is definitely a more traditional plaid and doesn't make me think of a bunch of annoying kids going to punk shows without their parents permission. It reminds me, more than anything, of Christmas and going outside in the snow. Yesterday, I wore a different sweater over this polka dot dress and loved it, so I decided to try it with my tartan sweater -- I do think it's really cute, even if it does emphasize my tummy. 

Yesterday, Danny and I did some after-Christmas shopping -- I got a candle at Bath and Body Works with a giftcard my sister gave me, took Danny and I out to lunch with another gift card, bought this sweater at Forever 21, and then spent entirely too much money at Target on storage for my Christmas stuff and new wrapping paper. By the time we got home, I was exhausted, but I went to work out anyway because that's a thing I do, I guess. I then spent the evening relaxing and cooking dinner -- eggplant parmesan and bread -- for Danny and I. It's been so nice the last week just relaxing and spending time with Danny. We had a great Christmas and I'm excited for another week to spend with him. 

Tomorrow, Danny, my mom, and I will be going to a bunch of different places to get the flowers, the catering, and the cake at the wedding. I'm trying really, really hard not to turn this blog into a wedding planning blog (because let's be honest, hearing other people talk about planning their weddings is deathly boring -- the planning of my own wedding is pretty boring at times), but I have to express my excitement over these activities tomorrow. Mostly because I get to eat cake and take home a box of cake and goodies afterwards. I feel like I've been engaged forever. Can I just get married now? Sheesh!

I hope you all have a wonderful Thursday! 

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