Making (and Keeping!) Weekly Goals

For the last two weeks, I've been setting little goals for myself. They all were centered around something I used to do that, due to circumstances, I had stopped doing. 

The week after Thanskgiving, my goal was to dress nice everyday for work. No jeggings. No sneaky comfy pants. No sloppy sweaters. It felt so nice to dress up everyday -- to take the time to pick out unique outfits, try new layering techniques, do something new and exciting! I felt like the old me again -- I used to so look forward to picking out my daily outfits and then, a lot of stress got in the way and I stopped loving it. 

Last week, my goal was to shower everyday before work. Don't judge me, but I'd fallen into a trend of showering only two or three days a week, and using spray shampoo in between to look acceptable! There were definitely days last week where I did NOT want to shower -- I was tired, it was a hassle, I'd overslept. But I made myself do it and I felt so much better the whole week. 

This week, my goal is to work out for at least 25 minutes everyday after week. I'll be the first to tell you I am a master at thinking up excuses not to. Granted, last week, I had a tension headache that lasted for five days, so I don't think anyone can judge me for not going to work out! However, this week, no excuses -- I'm going everyday after work. My motivation is the fact that a lot of people on both sides of my family have had diabetes and cholesterol issues. I am determined not to have any devastating health problems as I get older! 

An important part for these goals, for me, is keeping them small. I'm not moving mountains by wearing slacks instead of comfy jeggings masquerading as work pants! But I am taking steps to make myself happy -- and more like the "old" me -- while not stressing myself out too much. I have the tendency to let my goals get out of control -- I'll start writing things down and suddenly, I have a list that is a mile long and completely overwhelming! There is no way I could accomplish everything on my list. And when there is so much to it, there is no way I'll even feel like I can get started! 

When it comes to making goals these days, here's what I do: 

1. Give myself a timeline. Lately, it's been "this week" or "everyday" or "once a day." Something easy and concrete so I can start a routine. 

2. What do I need to do? Not "what do I want," but what do I need to start doing? I needed to dress nicer. I needed to take a shower before work. I need to work out to feel healthy!

3. Form a goal that is tangible. If I wrote down, "This week, love myself more!" that'd be a great idea, but it's not something I can just do. Whereas, "dress up everyday!" is a way of appreciating myself and something I can physically do. 

4. And seriously, only one goal per week! One thing per timeline! Originally, I planned to "work out everyday and take a shower everyday," but I realized I still didn't have enough of a routine mindset for that to happen. So, keep it simple: one thing per time period. 

5. As you move on, continue to add to the list. For example, last week, I didn't drop dressing nice everyday -- I picked out great outfits and showered everyday. Next week, I'll dress nice, shower, and work out everyday -- with only the latter being something I'll struggle with! 

I'm really proud of myself for sticking with goals this week! After my "work out everyday" week, I'm still stuck on what should come after that. 

Do you have any tips for making and keeping weekly goals? 

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  1. Michelle, sometimes I feel like we are two of a kind because so many of these things hit close to home! Although I purposely shower every 2-3 days because I'm trying to give my hair a break :) You have some really great points here, and it's so true, it's important to keep the goals small and to celebrate every small step forward you take.

    -Sara, Road to the Heart


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