Nothing Wrong with a Hoodie

Hoodie, Forever 21
Skirt, Tights, and Boots, Target
Tank top (under hoodie), Costco

Danny and I are like children. Children who let each other open their presents early. This morning, Danny handed me one of my presents and told me I could open it. Inside was this! On Tuesday, we did the exact same thing -- I opened a package of floral leggings, he opened a box containing his new, super soft robe. We are horrible -- we can't even wait four days! I love this hoodie though, and my new leggings. 

This hoodie reminds me of something I would have worn in high school. It's so comfortable -- I've worn it all day. To visit my mom. To the gym. Around the house. To the post office to pick up a box from Danny's parents. I decided to pair it with my favorite body con skirt and two pairs of tights and my comfy boots. I'm going to see the Hobbit with Danny and my brother this evening and this will be the perfect outfit for it.

I have to give a brief endorsement really quick. On Monday, I had to mail two boxes to Danny's parents full of their Christmas presents and candies and tons of stuff. I work from 8:30 to 5:30, which are the exact same hours on the Post Office. There isn't a close post office to my work, so I had to mail it before or after. But that wasn't going to work. Monday, I stopped by the UPS Store in my hometown. I could see the owner inside and the lights were on... but as I walked up with my Christmas boxes, I realized the sign still said closed. 

However, the owner rushed up and opened the door for me. He said I could wait inside for 15 minutes. I asked if it was possible to get the boxes mailed, because I had to leave for work -- it's a 40 minute drive! He started up his computer system and opened early, just so I could head off to work! He was so kind and really lovely and helpful. In the future, I'll probably never mail a box through the Post Office. The best part is that the UPS store where Danny's parents live hand delivered the boxes Thursday night at 9pm. I just had to share this with everyone because it was so great -- two different locations did two really awesome things for my family and I. 

It feels so weird to not be working! When Danny left for work today and yesterday, it felt so weird to be the one staying behind. I've gotten the house cleaned up though and done lots of much needed organizing. I baked my mom a pie for her birthday (which is tomorrow!!) I baked cookies. I've deep cleaned the house, washed the bedding, and gotten the house as organized as I can.

I made Danny and I a bucket list for our two weeks off together! I doubt we'll get through all of it, but I like the idea of setting up little adventures for ourselves -- from visiting covered bridges and lighthouses to practicing our portraits together, I'm just really excited to get to spend real time with Danny again! 

This has been my first proper outfit post in a while! And it helps that I love these photos, this outfit, this hoodie. I'm really excited to have the next few weeks to relax, focus on Danny & I, and, of course, blog blog blog! 

I hope you all have a wonderful Friday!

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