Pantone's Color of 2013: Emerald

That's right: emerald. 

This color of green -- a deep, blue-green -- is one of my absolute favorite colors. A large part of the decorations in my house falls into the teal and emerald categories. I am so ready for this color to be everywhere. The best part is that emerald is a color suited to a ton of looks. But it's great for people with: hazel or brown eyes (hello); dark hair (hey hey hey); or pale skin (nice to meet you). Basically: me. 

Can you tell I'm a little excited? 

Two emerald green variants from Forever 21, patron saint of trends. No one was really prepared for emerald to "happen" (so to speak), so I'm really excited to see brands tripping over themselves to produce lots of emerald green looks. However, I thought I'd dig up a free already-out-there examples. These two tops are on-trend shapes and styles -- sheery, floaty, and with collars. They'd look great tucked into body con skirts for parties, with trousers for work, or under sweaters for casual weekends. Perfect tops, in perfectly pretty shades of green. 

ModCloth has clearly had a lock on emerald thing for a while. From dresses to shoes to swim suits, ModCloth pretty much has every single possible item in emerald, or some variant of green. It's like the Luck of the Irish threw a party when you search for "emerald" on ModCloth. Throw a rock, and bam, an emerald dress. Just saying, if you want to get a jump start on this trend, ModCloth is a great place to start. I mean, the Estate of Things Heels in Green are adorable -- paired with some high-waisted trousers and a nice top, you've got a good (and quirky!) work outfit. 

ModCloth sells swimsuits that are shockingly expensive (to this very cheap girl), but you can't deny that they look smokin' on a variety of body types and are generally high-quality... so I don't feel bad giving props to this emerald green one, because it'll look great come summer. Imagine it paired with a big sunhat and some sparkly sandals. 

Let's not forget about decor. Emerald is a relaxing, earthy jewel-tone, so it makes a great accent color. I love the idea of using lush green fabrics -- to upholster a thrifted chair or as curtains -- to breathe a little fresh air into otherwise classic, modern rooms.

How do you plan to incorporate a little bit of emerald in your wardrobe or decor in 2013? Or will you be using it to redesign your blog? 

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