Rain Keeps Fallin' On My Head

Dress and Scarf, Forever 21
Heels, unknown (discontinued store) 
Umbrella, Target

Firstly, Merry Christmas Eve! I really can't believe it's been a whole year since last Christmas.  I've changed a lot in the last year and I'm ready for even more changes. For the past few days I've been doing this (really counter productive) thing where I look at my old outfit photos and compare between how I looked then and how I look now. I think a lot of what I see is less reality and more to do with my feelings and just how much has happened to me in the last year. I hope to start feeling better in the coming months -- I'll be doing a post about my New Years Resolutions (real ones!) in the next week and everything I'm looking forward to, which is a lot! 

I actually bought this dress for my work Christmas party, which I ended up not going to (for a variety of reasons). It's too pretty to not wear! Danny got me this scarf for Christmas and it's just so pretty -- I think it goes so well with so much of wardrobe and dresses everything up a little bit.

Danny and I are the worst -- we opened all our presents early. I guess that's the best part of being adults, we can choose to do Christmas the way we want. We decided to open presents for the past few days! We both felt like we deserved it after such a long, hard year and a half.

Anyway, Danny got me this scarf, as well as some new gloves, a new tuxedo blazer for my new job, my fair isle hoodie, and some floral print leggings, plus a new set of chef's knives, a bunch of platters and cooking stuff, a big set of snap containers (I'm an organizing freak!), and a picnic basket (!!). I got him a new sweater, a new flannel, a thermal shirt (which he'd been wanting for ages), a robe, and then two movies (the Bourne Legacy and Spiderman). We have some stocking stuffers and presents left over from his parents though, so we'll have something for Christmas morning! I'll do a haul post after Christmas with everything so I can be a show off! 

I've spent today taking care of my skin. I don't know why, but I suddenly broke out really bad after my last day of work It was like the stress of nine-and-a-half months just erupted on my face! I bought some new face wash (two kinds!) at Wal-Greens, plus two masks to try, as well as some more benzoyl peroxide and a gel to help with the scars on my chin. I'm really going to have to stick to a routine now -- the wedding is only six months away! In the next week, I'm going to be trying to meet with people about catering, flowers, and cake, as well as maybe getting an event coordinator (I swear I'm not one of those brides, it's just so my mom doesn't have to rush around the day of!). I hope to get everything -- my skin and all the details -- sorted within the next three months so I can spend the months before the wedding relaxing, getting smaller details in order, and having fun!

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas Eve! I'm having dinner with my family this evening and then we'll all having brunch tomorrow -- I have cinnamon rolls and cream cheese frosting ready, plus apple streusel muffins. I might also bake some cupcakes for everybody. I'm so excited to have fun with my family and just spend some time with everybody. I'll be posting my Christmas outfit tomorrow and then some reviews and other things later this week!

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