Jacket, Skirt & Top, Forever 21
Boots, Kohl's
Tights, Target

The problem with long hair is that it never cooperates in the wind. Even with my hair up. It's been really stormy here in Oregon and yesterday, I managed to snap only about 10 pictures before the wind threatened to knock my camera over. I almost didn't post these (two) pictures that I managed to get because my face looks weirdly grainy in them and I'm actually not sure why. But alas, they're outfit photos and after so long without outfit posts, I can't throw away pictures willy-nilly. 

This outfit has been on my list of "Outfits to Post" for ages. I wore it to work a lot and love it in general. However, I realized it doesn't look great on camera. And from the side, the tightness of the skirt definitely, um, emphasizes my stubborn belly. I say my belly is stubborn, but really, my never-ending love for carbs is more stubborn. 

I just really love this jacket. It's  long. It's slightly baggy, but still structured. It's so comfortable. I think I like wearing it with jeans more than I love wearing it with skirts or dresses, but it really helps a basic stretchy skirt look a little more professional. Also, the inside lining is stamped with printed bows and I can't help but think that is pretty cute. 

I took these photos yesterday after my last day of work at my old job, ever. I'm really excited to be moving on to something new! Today, I took a nap with Remus, watched Total Recall (it was... interesting), did all the laundry I'd been putting off for two weeks, cleaned the kitchen, ran and emptied the dishwasher, bleached the sinks, and made the bed. Once Danny leaves for work, I'm going to be moving the furniture and doing a real deep clean, which I haven't done in way, way too long. This is how I occupy my time: cleaning and more cleaning. 

I hope you all are having a great Thursday! 

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