2013: the Challenge Begins

As you may remember, I posted that I wanted to do a 365 challenge to take a photo everyday. Now, my intention is just to take pictures -- not for them to be groundbreaking or anything! These are my first ones of the year.

My new heart print pencils in my favorite polka dot pencil cup -- right next to my all-black-pen cup (because I exclusively use black pens to write). Danny's vintage typewriter that his grandfather bought him is a major component of our office -- when we build our home, I want it to be a focal point of our shared office, since it's so gorgeous! I rewrote my list of 24 Things Before 25 list -- I only have 10 months to complete them, but I'd say that's enough time (and I totally cheated by including "get married" on my list). Remus got a new scarf, courtesy my mom, and was surprisingly ok with having it around his neck! 

I hope you all are having a wonderful 2013!


  1. What's on your 24 before 25 list? Have you posted it?

  2. I'm 25 this year, but I still got lots of things that haven't done.
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