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In my recent survey, the number one thing people wanted me to blog about was planning my wedding! (Oh, by the way, the survey closed automatically after 24 hours! Sorry if you didn't get a chance and thank you to everyone who responded!) 

The funny thing is, I actually have avoided talking too much about my wedding because I read GOMI (Get Off My Internets) and a lot of people seem to have issues with fashion bloggers writing about their weddings. (Then again, someone always has an issue with something you do, so meh!) I realize this is something a lot of people dream of and so people like to see what is inspiring, what's happening, and what I'm doing. 

Another funny thing is, I never really planned on getting married! When I was younger, I was actually vehemently opposed to marriage and I never dreamed of my wedding. Some girls grow up knowing that they want and they create an image of their day. The only exposure I had to weddings growing up was attending one when I was 11 (it was my 5th grade teacher) and then my sister's when I was 17. When I started planning my wedding, I had no idea what I wanted. All I knew was I wanted to keep things simple for Danny and I, as well as our families.

The first thing I did, really, was book a photographer, because that was the most important part for me. I had met Jayme & Russ from Harvest Moon Photography at a bridal show (at the Hult Center in Eugene) last February, right before I started my job at the car dealership. For months, I held onto their card and information. I was drawn to them by the name of their photography business (Harvest Moon is a video game I grew up playing!) and because they seemed like really sweet, genuinely kind people. I met for them in September and ended up booking them. However, I realized immediately after that I should probably have a venue before I do anything else.

I'll be writing about the venue a little bit more later, but I decided to have my wedding at Sweet Cheeks Winery in Eugene. Sweet Cheeks is a beautiful winery that has a really fun staff and does great weddings. They have a few quirky details though -- they don't provide glasses at weddings, so I have to provide wedding glasses. Otherwise, though, they are the perfect laid-back place to have a wedding and the view is gorgeous!

When it came to cake, I mostly knew what I wanted: something tasty. I love food and I love baked goods, so cake and dinner were my two biggest priorities in terms of "getting things just right." However, I don't really want to spend a ridiculous amount on food! I'm getting my cake from a local bakery called The Sweet Life -- it's famous in Eugene for its vegan and regular cakes, desserts, and pastries. My sister got her wedding cake from them and it was amazing.

Danny and I are planning to do a small wedding cake like the one on the right, which was my inspiration! I'll have yellow fondant flowers, however, with white backgrounds and green stems. The middle layer will be round and have a navy fondant bow like the one on the right. It was so great to be able to work with a real wedding cake designer who knew what I was asking for immediately and who knew she could do what I was asking for!  We'll also be having cupcakes at the wedding, because they're so much easier for people to eat and socialize with. We have our flavors picked out, but I'm keeping them hush-hush for now (I like surprises)!

The Sweet Life does something unique where when you book a wedding consultation, you buy a small box of samples. By small, I mean, not small. We got four small cakes and 12 different frostings and fillings. We had so much fun tasting different combinations and flavors. We got a little cup of caramel buttercream frosting and I'll admit to eating the entire thing with a spoon. It was that good! It's a little embarrassing but I'm most excited about the wedding cake. Because... cake.

Flowers was a hard one because I knew what kind of flower I wanted (daffodils), but I also knew it would be impossible to get them in the month I'm getting married (late June). I ended up getting gerbera daisies in yellow, since that's my wedding color! I'll be having daffodil designs on the invites, materials at the wedding, and the cake though, so I can still have a bit of daffodil around. For my bouquet, I'll be having something kind of like the top right picture -- quite compact,  but with a lot more greenery in it since I like to break up the color of the flowers.

For the table arrangements, I wanted something really simple and rustic. This is very passe at the moment, but I'll be using narrow mouth mason jars for my table arrangements. I know, I know -- but I grew up in a house where we canned meat and jam, so I grew up with mason jars around! For me, it's not just trendy, it reminds me of my great grandmother and mom. I think mason jars in general are just very pretty and simple. In them, I'll be having tight arrangements with, again, a lot of greenery.

I'm not a flower person, so it was a little tricky for me to pick things out and stay focused. My primarily objective is "make it pretty," so I'm letting the florist do her own thing and make a few decisions on my behalf! She did my sister's flowers as well, and she did a great job!

About staying organized... the one thing I didn't realize about weddings was the sheer amount of paperwork you have to save! Business cards, pamphlets, envelopes of information, contracts, deposit receipts, second deposit receipts, pay dates... there is so much paper. It gets very overwhelming, especially when planning. Right now I have a brown folder (given to me for the photography contract!) that I use to hold my venue and photographer information, because those are the two biggest things for me. The other folder has receipts, business cards, pamphlets, and other information. I'll probably create a binder system soon (it's inevitable!), which I'll post about eventually. I'll also be posting about my invitations when I get them (since I ordered them Monday)!

A lot of my wedding planning has been centered around doing what is is simplest for everyone involved, as well as the most cost effective. I don't necessarily want a wedding that is themed out to the max. I don't want it to look like Martha Stewart when rogue and helped me out for free. I don't want to look like I popped out of Better Homes and Gardens or Vogue. I just want to marry Danny, have a great party (and a glass of wine and a cupcake!) and have some great photos to prove it.

Weddings can be so tricky and so expensive, but they really don't have to be! I got most of the planning I've talked about here done in a week, or even a day! In one day last week, I arranged a florist and the cake, and got started on the food. In a week in September, I booked the venue and the photographer. Once you get everything set, it's really just a matter of staying organized and understanding your timeline. Brides tend to get very stressed or controlling without reason, and I'm trying very hard to not become that girl!

Well, that's all I have about wedding planning for now! I'll be posting venue photos and invite inspiration as soon as I can. Hope you all have a great Thursday!


  1. I'm amazed by all you have accomplished so far! And I love your "keep it simple" attitude--getting married is absolutely the most important thing about the whole day, and I am sure you will have an awesome one! Your planning actually reminds me a lot of ours--here is a link to a post I wrote about it, in case you are interested:)


  2. Hooray! Good post, looking forward to more :) will you be posting photos of the dress? or no because Danny reads the blog?

    1. I might be, Sara! Danny's already seen the dress, as well as me in it. (Since we are clearly not very tradition oriented haha.) It's just a matter of how I want it to look. :)

      (PS It took me like 5 tries to post this comment! I'm ridiculous.) :)

    2. Oh good! Wasn't sure how traditional you were going :) So excited

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