Chocolate Chip Cookies... from a Package?

Sometimes, I like to get on my little high horse and prance around like I am the magical baking fairy. "Ohhhh," I squeal, "I only make things homemade. No cans of frosting, no box cake mixes, no brownie mix in this house, oh no!" Except that is a total lie: sometimes I want a cookie and sometimes the idea of putting in the effort to make my own cookies is exhausting, especially in the days after Christmas. And today, I wanted a cookie so bad. 

I've always liked Pillsbury's "Simply" brand of cookies the best. Like other brands, they come in perfect little rounds in a little cardboard container; you just transfer them to a cookie sheet, bake, and eat. It's simple. I like these ones the best because they taste the way cookies I make taste, as in, real. They don't have any preservatives or chemical ingredients, which is pretty great. They are also really soft inside the package. Ever notice how other pre-made cookies feel like hardened sand? Not entirely appetizing. 

"Right here, Mom," Remus says. "Let me sample those for you." I don't think so, Remus. Sorry. 

Presto! 15 minutes in the oven and they come out looking like a TV commercial. I may have eaten two already. 

Sometimes, you just need a cookie after a hard work out and you should totally have a cookie. And if you don't feel like baking your own, don't feel ashamed to reach for a package of cookie dough. Because, let's be real, chocolate chips are chocolate chips, no matter how they got there!

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