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I've not necessarily been busy the last few weeks but I have been tired! It's really hard adjusting to a new job... the first weeks always feel very surreal as you settle into a routine and learn what you're supposed to be doing everyday. I thought I'd post some of my photos from the last few weeks. 

1: I've been working on black out poems & collecting artwork in my journal again! I love having multimedia heavy journals. 

2: Remus hates me. I put a tank top on him. 

3: The sunrise was gorgeous when I left for work the other morning... pity me for how early I have to head off to work! But envy me because this is what I drive to! 

4: The Walterville post office is adorable. It was about the size of my kitchen. 

5: I love the new Dutch Bros lids -- they have funny and/or inspirational sayings on them. I really needed a coffee post-Tuesday (the car accident day!) and this was the perfect lid. 

6: I've been wearing a lot of scarves lately. My floral one is my one of my favorites for not-very-cold days....

7: ...but my mustard scarf from Swaychic is my favorite for cold-cold days. 

8: "Keep Me on My Mistletoes" by OPI for Sephora has been one of my favorite nail polishes for over a year now. When will I stop loving it? 

9: Remus makes some amazing faces while we are playing. This is one of the best. 

10: I treated Danny and I to a shared Starbucks the other day. A caramel frappucino might not fix everything (goodness knows it won't fix the crashed car!) but it does make the day a little brighter. 

Hope you all have a wonderful Tuesday!

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