Sometimes You're the Dog

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The biggest news: Danny was in a car accident Tuesday. He's fine. The car is not. Yesterday, I found out that the body shop that assessed my car is calling it a "total loss" which is the meanest thing in the world that can be said about my 2004 Toyota Corolla. Newsflash: I learned to drive in that Toyota Corolla. I took my driving test in it. I drove it through high school. I drove it through college - back and forth, back and forth, to Idaho and Oregon. I drove it after college. That car has sentimental value. The idea of it being totally beyond repair is incomprehensible to me.

Danny feels really guilty, which is totally understandable; it's is really no one's "fault" when an accident happens. I hate that insurance companies use that phrasing. Even "liability" sounds like judgment. I've been stressing out all week because of it, mainly because it was my car and it's my insurance and where do you find money to buy another car? Like, where does it come from? I have no idea. 

This is going to be one of those times where I try to be kind of self-deprecating and funny about the fact that I've had this post sitting in my draft folder for a week... except it's not really funny, it's kind of weird. I say this a lot (I also say that a lot), but I've been thinking a lot about this blog lately. Sometimes I feel like such a weirdo about it. You know when you were little and you had a comfort blanket and you knew you were kind of getting too old for a comfort blanket (or a teddy, or sucking your thumb, or whatever), but you still did it because you liked it, but you also sometimes found carrying around the blanket a little exhausting and losing it was such a pain and made you feel panicked.

Well, I've recently realized that this blog is my comfort blanket. In itself it's not a negative thing -- I mean, you're never too old to cuddle up with a good blanket -- but it's kind of exhausting and depressing. I find myself unable to let go because I love my blog, I love writing, I love what I've created, but "losing it" (aka not having time to update for two weeks) is exhausting and the weirdest form of self-torture in the world.

In other news: I'm now one of those bloggers that complains about how exhausting it is to take pictures of themselves and write about the pure narcissism and banality of it and how they don't know if they want to do this anymore. Blah blah blah. I know, I know, if I don't like it, just stop. But I love my security blanket! My security blanket is the best. Who wants to throw away their security blanket?

And now, to finally talk about this outfit. I bought this dress about a week before I started my new job (so... about four weeks ago) and wore it for my first day (on the 7th). It's a lovely dress-- mint green, sheer, Peter Pan collar. It has got it going on. The only downside is there feels like only one way to wear it: over tights. Or without tights, in the Spring and Fall, I suppose. With boots or flats. Maybe a jacket. If I were more creative, I'm sure I could do something crazy and make this dress into a totally different item, but alas, I'm an administrative assistant, I only have so much time on my hands, and my boss probably wouldn't appreciate me showing up to work looking like an outcast from Cirque de Soleil.

Let's talk about my hair for a minute and by that I mean: it hasn't been out of a ponytail in about two weeks now. If I had money, I'd cut it all off, but I don't have money, so I'm pretending it's short by putting it into a ponytail. Why did I grow my lank hair out again? 

As the saying goes, sometimes you're the dog -- sometimes, you're the fire hydrant. Needless to say, for the past week, I've felt like the fire hydrant. Especially yesterday when I spent about five hours in a constant state of tears and/or near-tears, which is exhausting and dehydrating. I'm hoping next week will be better and some kind of miracle will happen and my Corolla will be sparkly new outside on the driveway. No? Okay. I guess I'll settle for no random money sucking life dramas. In the meantime, I'm staking out a place on the couch and refusing to move for the next 48 hours. Adios, tension headache!

I hope you all have a wonderful Saturday.


  1. I'm so sorry to hear about your car, but I'm glad that no one was injured. It's so easy to get attached to a car, especially one you're had for so long. My car is a total piece of junk that I absolutely despise sometimes but i know that when it's time to get a new car (when it stops working completely) I will miss it. Your outfit is completely adorable! That dress is amazing and the color looks great on you!! I think putting a blazer over it would look great- you could also try putting a different colored belt around the waist to add another pop of color :)

    -Jenna Brianne

  2. Michelle! I'm sorry about your car :( I don't drive, but I was very attached to my parents' cars. And like Jenna said, that dress is adorable on you. I was also relieved to see this post up! I was so worried that you may have stopped blogging. (No pressure!)


Thank you for reading my blog! :]
xo Michelle

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