Zoya Color Your World 2013

I know I wasn't the only one to get in on Zoya's New Year promotion -- for Color Your World, they gave away 3 free polishes, you only had to pay shipping. They did this last year and it was great. This year, I was prepared and it was even better. I actually ordered my polishes at the very beginning of January -- it took about two weeks for them to ship because of stock problems. With thousands of people ordering free polish all at once, I imagine it creates some major logistical problems, so I wasn't too bothered. And obviously, new nail polish isn't urgent. I actually forgot all about the polish until Saturday night when I visited my parents -- my mom mentioned that I had gotten a package and I wondered what it was. Well, it was my nail polish!

For my three free polishes, I ordered Storm (a black with silver micro glitter), Trixie (a matte silver), and Logan (a green-gold with gold micro glitter). I was most excited about Storm because I've wanted it for ages. I immediately took off the nail polish I was wearing and painted my nails with Storm. I was not disappointed. 

I think it's the perfect black. In high school, I really loved black nail polish, but it's just a little too gothy for me these days. The silver glitter in Storm really keeps it from being all-emo -- it keeps it just on the edge fo edgy-goth-cool. Which is totally a thing. 

I've tested Trixie on my toe nails and love it as well, but I'm anxious to try it on my fingernails as well! Logan is gorgeous in the bottle, so I'm also very excited to test it out in the next few weeks -- especially for St. Patrick's Day in March! 

Hope you all have a great Monday. 

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