A Visit to Sweet Cheeks Winery

Danny and I visited Sweet Cheeks Winery over the weekend. If you remember, this is where we'll be getting married this summer. I wanted to refresh my memory on the space we'd have to use and we needed to go over a few details with the event coordinator. I love Sweet Cheeks -- the employees are so nice and they all are super passionate about the winery. Danny enjoyed a beer and I took a ton of photos. 

It was really great to see the space again and finally realize where exactly the wedding will take place. It really helps that the winery itself is so gorgeous and the view is spectacular -- the mix of greens and browns is beautiful, even in the winter fog. This is what Oregon looks like most of the year, and some people find it rather dreary, but to me, it's still beautiful. Oregon is what it is and it's a green, lush state and this proves it! I also love vineyards, even when they are bare during the winter!

Have I ever mentioned how much I love old barns? Well, I do. I love old barns. Maybe it's because I grew up in the area, but I love all the old barns strewn about the countryside. There is something very romantic about them! I wish I could photograph more of them around Sweet Cheeks and where I live, but I would feel like a creep sneaking onto people's property! 

My favorite part about Sweet Cheeks Winery is that it really exemplifies and demonstrates the things I love most about Oregon: the landscape; the greenness of our state; local businesses supported by locals; and having fun and being friendly. It was so nice to visit because it's such a fun place to just hang out, have a glass of wine, and tell stories with friends. I can't wait to get married there and to visit year after year! 

I hope you all had a great weekend!

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