Hard Work

Some days, I get home from work and just feel exhausted. I feel like I've physically carried the world around with me all day. I feel like I got so much done and I still have so much to do and how can I ever help to get it all done, ever?

But the truth is, what I do isn't that hard.

My new job has taught me that there is hard work and working hard. And there's a huge difference between all of those things. On a daily basis, I work hard to keep an office running smoothly so other people can do their jobs effectively. My job, however, isn't hard in the slightest: I archive files, organize office supplies, clean, print forms, and answer questions. Most of my time is spent in a supply closet or in front of a computer. Not exactly tasking.

You know what's hard work? Making someone with dementia smile when they are scared and confused. Helping someone remember how to open a piece of candy and eat it. Taking someone on a walk even though they sometimes forget how to step over the cracks in the sidewalk. Helping people eat, get ready in the morning, and stay healthy. Taking women back and forth to the salon so they can get their hair done and feel pretty. And along the way, documenting and taking notes on every second of it. That's hard work.

This leads me to a big point: A lot of fashion bloggers go on and on about how busy they are, how hard they work, how they have so much to do. Let's be honest though: sitting on front of a computer, even if you're self-employed, is not hard. It is not difficult. You can work hard and you can certainly be busy, but blogging, writing, isn't hard.

I love my job. A huge part of why I love my job is the fact is that I am contributing to something that helps people, consistently. This has lead me to an important realization recently: I don't ever want to be a professional blogger. I never want this to be my job.

That's not to talk down to people who do want to be a personal blogger as a career or who already are professional bloggers. The point is: what I need from my life is to contribute in a meaningful way. And for me, that means helping people in whatever capacity I can. As a blogger, I could never do that. By writing blog posts, I'm not really contributing anything; I'm just putting a bit more noise onto the internet. I love blogging as a hobby. But I find the more I try to be serious about it, the more I try to get something out of it, the more hollow it feels and the more I dislike actually doing it. Blogging can be rewarding in many ways, but it's not as rewarding as actually working to help people. The rewards from blogging are, to be completely honest, almost all selfish.

My main point is: I believe in hard work and working hard. I believe in contributing. And I'm ready to start treating this blog less like a business and more like what it is: a really amazing hobby.

I hope you all had a wonderful Friday and that you have a wonderful Saturday.

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  1. I really enjoyed reading this. It's so true! I hope that your job continues to be fulfilling and inspiring for you.


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