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More books! Because I can't stop buying books! Danny and I went to dinner Friday night for Valentine's Day. We had some gift cards leftover from Christmas for Barnes & Noble, so we stopped by after dinner to look for books. Danny bought himself a book, but I ended up going a little while at the buy-two-get-one-free table. I just finished reading Eric Larson's Devil in the White City (which was great!) and so I'm now reading In the Garden of Beasts, which is about Ambassador Dodds, the American ambassador to Germany in 1933, just after Hitler became chancellor. It's very interesting so far because it focuses on Dodds himself, as well as his daughter, Martha, who became a part of the social scene in Berlin. 

I love Bill Bryson and I'm very exciting to read A Short History of Nearly Everything -- his book about travelling around England is one of the funniest books I've ever read. It made me want to move to England like Bryson did! Danny recommended the Snowman to me -- I hadn't heard of it, but it seems like an interesting read. 

Hope you all had a wonderful Wednesday!

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