Firmoo Glasses Review

Recently, I was offered a pair of glasses from Firmoo. When I was 12, I got my first pair of glasses and promptly refused to wear them. My feelings towards eyewear have definitely evolved since then, although I still wear contacts almost every single day. I've been looking for a good pair of glasses to wear everyday -- my main requirements are: I can wear them while using a computer most of the day without a headache; they don't get super dirty; and they are relatively lightweight while still being pretty sturdy. 

I chose these frames from Firmoo because they looked like a square-but-not-super-huge style that would be cute-nerdy on my face without treading into ridiculous hipster territory. (Yes, I've officially come out against HUGE SQUARE hipster glasses. Y'all heard.) 

I was really pleasantly surprised by how fast Firmoo delivered! I think it only took about 10 days or so for me to receive my glasses after ordering. I was also surprised at how sturdy they feel. Because they were free (and because Firmoo's prices are pretty good otherwise), I assumed they would be lighter weight. But, surprisingly, they are better made than glasses I've bought from other places, like Costco. They also came with a soft case, a really nice hard case, a large lens cloth, and a small repair kit that I can put on my keychain, as well as two extra screws for the sides. I've never received extra materials with glasses. That's pretty awesome.

Needless to say, I love these glasses. I've gotten a ton of compliments on them in the last few days and I've went without contacts, wearing these glasses instead, two days at work. I have never ordered glasses online before, but the process was really simple -- you just need a print out of your prescription! If you have a special prescription, it might be a little more difficult, so that's definitely a downside, but so far, I love these glasses and I've already packed away my other pair that I kept on my nightstand!

For me, glasses used to be a necessity: I wore them before bed or after I got home from school just so I could see my way around my house! But lately, I've been wearing glasses more and more, seeing them as an accessory and not just something I have to wear.

If you'd like to get a pair of free glasses from Firmoo, click here to find out how

Hope you all have a wonderful Monday!

Outfit details: Glasses, c/o Firmoo // Top, the Blvd // cardigan, Target. I did receive these glasses free from Firmoo, but the opinions in this post are all my own, I promise! 

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