How I'm Getting My Nails In Tip-Top Shape

For the past year or so, I've been secretly struggling with my nails. Ever since I hurt my thumb while working at a grocery store (over a year ago!), my nails have been extremely brittle and dry -- even worse, all of nails have been splitting and peeling like crazy, especially my pointer fingers. It makes my nails very thin because the peeling layers get caught on everything and thus, peel off! I've taken all kinds of normal measures -- painting my nails with strengthening clear polish, taking biotin supplements, eating more salmon -- to weird measures -- soaking my nails in olive oil all the time, rubbing them with Vaseline before bed, keeping my nails painted and/or not painting my nails. It's been a battle and my nails are only slightly improved from where they were at their worst! 

Since my wedding is in just over three months (!!!!), it's time to get serious. Seriously. I've been upping my game and doing all I can to get my nails back to their pre-injury glory. Here's what I'm trying:

Better Biotin. The biotin supplement I was taking before had a lot of filler material. I shopped around and decided to try the Up & Up (Target-brand) plain Biotin (as opposed to a Hair, Skin & Nails vitamin). The pills are smaller and are more concentrated. Win-win.

Less painting. This is the hardest one. A huge part of me knows I need to keep my nails painted to keep from biting them. When my nails are perfect, I don't want to chew on them. However, the minute they start to chip (after the first, what, 20 hours?) I feel the need to bite them incessantly. And peel the polish off. And generally kill my nails. When my nails aren't painted, I don't bite them, chew on them, or mess with them as much. I'm going to try to go a month or two without painted nails. If I had the patience to repaint my nails every day or so, I would. (Well, it's not a lack of a patience. I just don't have enough time!)

More water, less caffeine. Not that caffeine has anything to do with my nails, but I tend to rely on tea and coffee while I'm at work to stay hydrated. It's not great for me since I tend to add a lot of sugar (especially to tea)! So: more water to keep my skin and nails hydrated.

Washing my hands in not-so-hot water. I wash dishes what feels like all the time (seriously) and I wash my hands a lot at work. My hands tend to be really dry from washing them so much -- especially because I love using hot water. Not just warm, but hot. I'm really cold most of the time. People walk into my office and say, "Oh my god, it's hot in here!" and I'm still shivering! I'm going to try to start wearing rubber gloves when I was dishes and using cooler water when I wash my hands. Necessary evils!

Do you have any tips for improving dry, peeling nails?


  1. Great tips! I get really bad dry hands in the winter to the point to cracks and bleeds, I have found Argan Oil and Vitamin E oil to be useful. Happy recovery :)

  2. Ugh! I have the worst nails! I hate them! They peel, too, but I have to keep them painted or I bite them - within in the first day. Painting is non-negotiable! :-P

    Hope your nails get better before your wedding! <3

  3. My nails peel really badly too. I use one clear coat on my nails to strengthen them and to prevent the peels from spreading. I remove the polish and reapply every other day, or so. This may help as it doesn't chip as badly (less tempting to bit) but would still give extra strength.

  4. I find putting on cuticle oil and a good hand cream every night before I go to bed works wonders. If my cuticles are getting dry then usually so are my nails. hope that helps :)

  5. Always good to give a good massage for those cuticles and nails. and Vitamin E supplements help. They're awesome for skin too!

  6. massaging your cuticles and nails everyday improves blood circulation.
    drinking milk helps and also take vitamin E; it helps the skin glow as well!


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