Sephora Haul Video!

I don't know if you guys like haul videos, but I kind of love them. They are fascinating to me. I just love seeing how people justify buying things, especially stuff like clothes and make up. Because, seriously. Anyway, I've been wanting to film more videos lately, so I filmed this one about a trip to Sephora. I think it's a fun way to relate and interact. Plus, you guys can see what a goober I am in real life. (I swear my voice doesn't sound that nasal normally. I'm getting a cold!) 

Thanks for watching! Hope you all are having a wonderful Thursday!


  1. I LOVE haul videos of all kinds- Sephora, Target, Forever21, drugstores, grocery stores, Home Depot, thrift stores. It doesn't matter. Please do more videos! They don't have to be hauls -- because that would get expensive :) I loved it when you read some of your writing, too.

  2. Loved the haul video! keep it up :)


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