Here Comes April

Outfit Details: Dress from Rue 21; Necklace from Rue 21; Red sandals from Target.

A lot of people think Easter is an April holiday. Easter most commonly falls in April, but it's not set in stone. I went to Catholic school and I vaguely remember learning that the Sunday Easter falls on is dependent on the first full moon after the first day of Spring. I know, right? Crazy. That just so happened to fall at the end of March this year and so a lot of people are confused. It is weird for Easter to fall at the end of March, mainly because, for my family, it coincides with my nephew's birthday, as well as slew of other stuff that keeps us busy. 

This weekend, Danny and I have a birthday party to attend and an Easter brunch. Woo! For two people whose weekend plans often include the words "lie in bed and not move for five hours," that's a pretty busy weekend. 

I realize I haven't written very much lately. I did a few videos (which I really liked -- I'm still working on my video editing skillz, including cutting out stuff that isn't necessary, which is a lot) and I'll probably do more. But as I sat down to write this, I realized there is a lot of stuff I haven't written about that's been going on lately and so, a life update is in order. 

Firstly, as I mentioned in one of my videos, I had my ring cleaned and the setting tightened a little. Well, writing that makes it sound so, so simple. I went to pick up my ring Tuesday and let me tell you, I had a freak out. Firstly, they'd coated my ring in a varnish that made it look true white gold. My ring is white gold that looks slightly rosy -- it's lovely and very unique. But apparently, the jeweler thought that my ring's outer coating had rubbed off so he coated it in varnish. Which makes total sense considering I said nothing about the color! The worst part -- the absolute WORST -- was that instead of just slightly tightening the setting of the diamond, the jeweler altered it. My ring is designed to have the diamond suspended above a little well, which is shaped a bit like a wide V, if that makes sense. Well, he thought the sides of the well were supposed to be straight, like the top bit of an uppercase H, instead of like a V. So he bent them. He moved the diamond down and bent them. When I pointed out that my ring looked completely different, he argued that the sides had bent overtime and that's why the diamond was loose. I was at a loss at how to properly explain that no, this is NOT what my ring has ever looked like or is supposed to look like, because WHY would someone buy a ring with a diamond situated (crookedly) at the bottom of a wee well with only a bit of it showing!? 

Needless to say, I wasn't entirely impressed with the jewelry store I took it too. The manager was very dismissive and I heard him whisper to the sales associate (a lovely girl named Ashley) that he thought I was making it up and/or crazy. The goldsmith didn't speak English and couldn't understand what I said to him, nor could he really understand anyone's instructions. (That's not an exaggeration. The sales associate literally said, "he doesn't speak much English.") I felt like none of them believed me and they all said my ring looked the same in the pictures I have on my phone of it! Finally, after the manager had walked away saying he didn't really care, and the goldsmith had left, and I was standing there sobbing, the sales associate goes, "Oh my god, no, I see it." She had turned the ring to be in the same angle as the picture I had on my phone and suddenly realized that, yeah, it actually didn't look the same at all. She immediately knew what to tell the goldsmith to have it fixed and asked if I was comfortable leaving it another day. I said I wasn't really, but I didn't have any other option -- I could take a busted ring or I could leave it. She swore she'd make sure they'd fix it. 

Wednesday, I was so nervous to go back to the store! So very nervous! When I walked in, the manager and another sales associate was waiting for me. They got my ring and showed it to me -- and it was back to normal. The sales associate apologized (the manager never did!) and they gave me 20% off the cost of a diamond tightening. I told them that didn't seem like very much considering what they had done to my ring and everything they put me through, but the manager said that was the lowest they would go. Ha-rumph. Either way, my ring is back to normal and I now know one jewelry store to never take it to. (In case you're wondering, the jewelry store is Fred Meyer Jewelers. You get what you pay for, obviously, so never take your valuables there.) 

That's the only really big event. And it was less an event and more of a "learn from my mistake, kids!!" moment. Otherwise, I've just been working (as usual!) and doing regular, everyday person things. Including having Remus fixed, which was very nerve-wracking for everybody. It's Spring Break for Danny, so he stayed home with him all week after the surgery on Monday. I felt so bad for him when we picked him up -- we put a cone on him to keep him from licking at his stitches and he was so out-of-it afterwards that he had a hard time navigating the house. He has recovered though and he's doing really well... I don't think he even remembers it now! 

I wore this outfit to my nephew's birthday party. The weather was gorgeous -- about 75 degrees, which is the perfect outside temperature, sunny, and completely blue sky! I'll be posting pictures from the party later, as well as a few of my Easter recipes and photos from Easter and hopefully an Easter outfit! I'm just a busy bee, lately (except not really)! I'm hoping to start taking more outfit photos from the weekend. My work outfits are pretty basic (I even wore Converse to work last week!) but on weekends, I can play around a bit more. I just realized I haven't even taken pictures of my knee-high boots yet! Yes, I found knee high boots! 

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! If you celebrate it, happy Easter and if not, well, happy April! 

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