How I Learned to Unplug

About two weeks ago, I sat down on Friday night to watch TV and read up on the news I'd missed during the week. Holding my laptop in my lap, I had the weird, sudden realization that I hadn't opened my computer in at least a week. Maybe more. Maybe not in two weeks. I couldn't remember. I couldn't remember the last time I had been on Twitter, on Facebook, or checked my blog comments. It was a very weird feeling, but it also felt kind of good. 

For a while, I've been telling Danny to unplug for a few hours everyday. It's easy to get very overwhelmed, stressed, and sad when you're on Facebook and news sites everyday, all day. You're inundated with information, sad stories, and personal life updates. Unplug and you can forget about it for a while.

I used to feel chained to my computer, to Facebook, to my blog. I realized the other day that  I don't anymore: I can just enjoy writing, enjoy Facebook, and enjoy readin the news... when I have the free time. Most days, at work, I'm on a computer, but not all the time: I spend most of my time, really, working (as you should at work!) which doesn't always need a computer. At home, I cook dinner, clean, and spend as much time with Danny and Remus as possible. I work out, lift weights, alter recipes, and spend time writing about my day in my journal... rather than worrying about what I'm gonna blog about. When I have something to blog about, to post on Facebook or Twitter, I will. But it's not a driving force for me anymore. 

And you know what? That's a pretty good feeling!

On one hand, sometimes I miss when I used to be so plugged into the blogging world. I've written about this before, but I've realized recently my life is drastically different from most other bloggers. I don't have unlimited income; I don't believe in putting myself into debt so I can have a new bag or a new pair of shoes or something to post about; I don't really have the free time to take outfit photos everyday (or even once a week!); and I don't have the patience to spend the time I would need to to become "internet famous." It's not something I want. I love my job right now; I love where I work and what I do and I love the people I work with. I'm incredibly happy professionally right now and I'm working on getting there personally as well, and I'd rather be working on those things that stressing about outfit photos for the 100th time! 

I spend a lot less time comparing myself to other people and desperately trying to fit into the "blogger" image when I spend time away from my computer. And you know what? When I do that I'm actually living a life, which is a lot more fun to write about!

Sometimes, it's really easy to portray our lives as super easy, super happy, super fun all the time -- bloggers portray themselves as somehow able to live fulfilling lives while always being plugged in to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram. The truth is: that's not really accurate. We all have to get away sometimes. I highly recommend taking a week -- or two! -- off from your laptop if you can. Maybe during a break from school or during the work week. Check your email once a day; check Facebook only from 5-6pm. I think you'll be surprised at how much free time you have to do those hobbies you thought you didn't have time for anymore!


  1. I think it's so important to spend time unplugging. I've been studying abroad this year and it's been a constant up and down between too much time on the Internet and hardly any. It's definitely one of those "first world problems" we're all dealing with...

    Also, I just wanted to say, I haven't been to your actual blog in a while (I normally read it in my RSS reader), but I am loving your design. The background is so cute!

  2. This is so true - I am sat at a computer all day at work and try to ensure that evenings and weekends are free of 'screen' related activities as much as possible.

    I hate it when people are glued to their phones as well!

    I've been reading your blog for ages now and its one of my favourites, keep up the excellent posts :)


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