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A few weeks ago, I received an email offering me a selection of Twinings tea to write about. Well, who could say no to that? It took me a long time to enjoy tea -- I used to have to add loads of sugar to enjoy it, but these days I like my tea with a little bit of sugar and milk or cream. In the last year and a half of working, I've started to drink a lot more tea -- it helps me get through the day, especially that 3pm time when I just want to nap. 

I picked out two flavors of tea -- Chai and the Detox tea were my two -- and then they sent me a surprise, a box of C(h)amomile Maple Sensation tea. I opened the box at my mom's house and we both got really excited about the surprise tea! Maple is one of my absolute favorite flavors and chamomile is so, so soothing. (I just can't bring myself to spell it without the "h"!) 

Of course, everyone knows I'm a huge fan of Chai -- my favorite morning drink is chai tea with honey and a little milk or pumpkin spice creamer! It's my absolute favorite type of tea. I wanted to try the Detox tea because it sounded really yummy (I got the Purify & Restore kind, which is lemon and citrus) and because I thought it would be good to drink after my workouts 

I immediately brewed myself up a cup of the Chamomile Maple tea -- and it was so good! It's a nice, sweet treat right before bed, especially with a little honey. Danny wasn't feeling well Friday night, so he had a few sips and it was good for soothing his stomach. The thing about English tea, that's different from teas made in the U.S. (like Lipton, etc.) is that the leaves seem to be ground up a lot more finely, and you end up tasting the flavor a lot more, which is very nice. I might be really spoiled for tea now!

On Saturday, I brewed Danny and I a pot of the Chai tea and it's probably the best I've ever had. Danny also really loved it. Later, we brewed more to have with a bit of Bailey's as a hot toddy! 

I haven't tried the Detox tea yet, but I know it will be great, especially because I've been lifting weights at the gym recently! I'm so excited to bring these teas to work to help me get through those long, stressful days. 

These teas were provided to me by Twinings U.K., but I promise, all opinions are my own! 


  1. I thought the first picture of the Chai one was a pack of cigarettes and I almost left your blog. Then I read further and realized it was tea! I can totally support tea, haha!

    I found you on Bloglovin. =]

    Kate from Clear the Way

  2. Many consider tea as a sort of meditation ritual. It definitely helps you loosen up after a long day of work. Drinking a cup of tea is really enticing! What flavor of tea do you enjoy the most? We all have our favorites, but sometimes, there's a specific flavor that you'd want to drink. It depends on your mood sometimes. :)

    Kevin Walls @ TeaLife


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