Let Me Tell You About Graze

A few weeks ago, I signed up for Graze. It's like BirchBox... for food. I received a referral from my friend/psychic twin Libby. I very rapidly became obsessed with them. Obsessed.  

The process is simple: you're invited to sign up; you make an account; you pick a NibbleBox or a LightBox (which is just lower calorie snacks); you put in your address and billing info; and bam, little snack packs, at your door, once a week, every other week, or whenever you want. I was initially hesitant about what I would receive -- I'm a picky snacker. But I was pleasantly surprised. I thought I'd share some of the snacks I've received and what I think about them. 

This was my first Graze box. The olive & rosemary bruschetta was my favorite from the box, followed by strawberry milkshake (which they have discontinued, which is probably the saddest thing every, because I need tiny dried strawberries and white chocolate in my life). I enjoyed the apple crumble mix -- I mean, dried apples are tasty -- but was not a huge fan of eton mess, which had tiny meringues, which sounds yummy, but was actually not. No matter what though, I enjoyed this box because, seriously, tiny, calorie-friendly, preportioned snacks just showed up and I ate them and it was pretty great. 

My second box came at the same time as my third box (due to some mail problems) and this was actually one of my favorites because, seriously, anything with pieces of what is described as "sponge pieces" needs to be in my life forever. Featuring "sponge pieces" (aka tiny bits of white cake!!!!): summer pudding (very tasty) and hot cross yum (which also features orange-flavored golden raises which, um, yes, please). Also delicious: cheddar gorge. Because cheese covered cashews, y'all. I was not a fan of the my thai dippers -- I'm allergic to soy and the baked soy bites were just way too much for me. But if you like soy and thai chili sauce, you'll probably be a fan. 

Make direct eye contact with the left bottom corner of this pictures. That's right: toffee apple. Toffee apple. It comes with toffee to dip dried apple slices in. Tell me that's not amazing. I saved this one to eat last because I knew I'd love it and I did: I actually ate the excess toffee sauce with a spoon out of the little container. Not ashamed. I also really enjoyed the bonnie wee oatcakes, but only for the oatcakes; I like onions, but onion marmalade as a snack at work isn't super great. The pomodoro rustichella is one of those things that appears to the carb lover in me -- I mean, look at the "mini baguettes," as the Graze folks call them. Tasty. I also really liked the garden of england mix, because I love those tiny dried strawberries. I wish I could buy them in bulk. 

Graze isn't available to everyone right now, unfortunately. You need an activation invite code to sign up (I know, right?), but it will probably be available to everyone shortly. And when it is, you should probably sign up. For $5 a box, you get about a work's week worth of healthy, tasty snacks. You'd spend that much on unhealthy vending machine food anyways! 

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