March Madness

I know what you're thinking, Michelle, these are filler posts! Lame! But I've been up to some seriously cool business in the last month and I don't think I've shared even a quarter of it! So behold: Instagram photos (and one big picture of Remus, because c'mon, seriously, he's precious)!

1: my new glasses & I are getting along very well. 2: That's 2.29 miles, thank you very much. (I ran almost 52 miles between February 15 and March 18! Woo!)  3: This might look like a reclining chair for a human, but it's actually Remus', make no mistake. 4: Scandaleyes, wooo. I've been working on my winged eyeliner looks. 5: New Essie polish that I am obsessed with. 6: First attempt at winged eyeliner. I now think I look naked without it. (Convert, you heard.) 7: Danny & I went to see a local production of The Birdcage and it was great. 8: Breakfast of peanut butter toast, tea, and an orange. 9: Knee high boots! I wear them at least once a week now. 10: Blue sky! The weather was gorgeous in Oregon in March, which is so, so weird. 11: It was Danny's birthday March 14 and that's a Guinness chocolate cake. 12: I met with another florist about my wedding flowers (following the fast closure of my other florist!) and she gave me some daffodils to take home. Lovely! 13 & 14: Danny's birthday lunch/dinner! 15: New infinity earrings... that I love, a lot. 16: For Danny's birthday, I got him a sword form Adventure Time. This is him posing as Finn, and Remus as Jake, obviously. 

17 & 18: Danny and I put a tee shirt on Remus and he hates us. 19: Skunk flowers! They are pretty, but smell. 20: Jone Soda, mmm. 21, 22, & 23: Graze box! I am loving it and will do a review soon. I just got two at once (due to a mail hold up) and have to hold myself back from eating everything at once! 24: Bokeh hearts because I can! (And my new polka dot chambray shirt!) 25: Remus got neutered and he hated his cone (but it was so cute!) 26: I'm now one of those girls who can wear knee high boots and skinny jeans. 27: My new kitty iPhone cover! 28: And new cupcake earrings! 29: This is a magic soda machine! You can add any flavor to any soda. It's magic. 30: Danny and I went to Noodles and got mac & cheese. It was very good. 31: We dyed eggs for Easter and got stupidly excited about it! 32: Every year I look forward to this tree blooming and every year, I am surprised to hear about a million honeybees buzzing inside of it. It sounds like a chainsaw! 

33: I got a new spiky necklace to wear under collars! 34: This is my nephew Mason and my dad looking for Easter eggs. 35: Lemon cuticle cream because my nails need some work. 36: At the gym, about to start running. I'm pretty proud of myself! 37: Homemade protein bars (rolled oats, protein powder, peanut butter, and honey!) 38: This is a lidded mason jar with a matching straw. It's genius. 39: I've been using Fitocracy to track my strength work outs. My arms are tired all the time but I'm gonna be so buff someday. 40: A panda wearing a cupcake hat. I would have wanted this for Christmas when I was a kid! 

Annnnd this is Remus, trying to take a nap!

I hope you're having a wonderful Monday. 

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