To the Max(i)

Maxi dress, Ross // Sandals, Target // Sunglasses, Charlotte Russe

Things I thought I would never be caught dead in, but then wore: a maxi dress. 

I'm fully aware these pictures make me look about 6 months along. I swear I'm not pregnant. I know people hate when I write about this (as that blog survey I did a few months back clearly demonstrated), but I'm still at a really weird place with my body. I work out a lot; I've been lifting weights, eating more protein, cutting out as much as carbs as I can... and I've yet to lose a pound. In fact, I've gained two pounds of fat. (Some people tried to suggest to me that this could be muscle, but I gained it in two weeks, and women can only gain a pound of muscle tops per month.) I'm actually bigger than I was when I started trying to lose weight about a year ago. Which is hilarious, considering many people who started doing the exact same things I started doing a year ago have already lost all the weight they needed to and then some. I'm not sure what else to do and that is kind of exhausting and embarrassing considering how hard I've worked. I know a lot of it is personal problems and how I see myself, etc. etc, but I can't help but feel deeply ashamed that I've joined a gym, downloaded tons of apps, been eating healthy for over 8 months, burned thousands of calories, ran over 30 miles in 30 days... and haven't lost a single pound. 

Enough about weight though, let's talk about this dress. I love it despite the very-preggers-look it gives me. I bought it because I thought it would be a great dress for my honeymoon; it's relaxed and nice and breezy and not too short so I can go on rides and run around and do whatever I please and it will look great. 

It's the first maxi dress I've ever tried on and thought, "Oh this is nice!" It's not too long; it's not a weird tropical print (sorry weird tropical print lovers); and it's not super low cut. It also doesn't have a lot back. I could wear it with a cardigan if I wanted to. Can you see where I'm going with this? I can wear this baby to work. You heard me. Work. It's subtle; it's cute; it's not a party dress. Yep, I'm gonna style this dress for work someday soon. 

I hope you're having a wonderful Wednesday! Do you like how much I've posted this week!? Me too.


  1. Haha I felt the same way until I found a maxi dress! Good luck with the fitness plan...not sure what the problem is but I'm sure you'll figure it out :)

    ~ Sarah

  2. I love this dress, and I don't think you look pregnant at all! It's adorable:) I am sorry it has been so frustrating trying to lose weight...I wonder if you might have your doctor check your thyroid or metabolism? I don't know too much about it, but I know those things can be related. Wishing you all the best either way! :)


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