It's official...

Our tickets have arrived! I thought it would take longer, but when Danny checked the mail Monday, I had an envelope from Anaheim. At first, I couldn't figure out what it could be... but as I tore it open, I saw the pink envelope and immediately got ridiculously excited. This pink envelope is iconic, at least to me -- Disneyland always send tickets in these same Tinkerbell envelopes! 

The thing about booking trips is that sometimes there isn't anything tangible about it: you have an email tell you the itinerary for your flights; an email detailing your hotel reservations; and maybe a list of ideas. But that's pretty much it. No plane tickets. Nothing to really organize and hold onto. 

I think that's the best part of Disneyland. You can still opt to get real printed out tickets. Okay, you can print them at home -- but UGH, no! I love these ones. When I see people at the gates with printed out tickets, I get sad -- there is something really great about the tickets Disney prints, with the characters, the details, the shiny paper. And the pink envelope. The pink envelope is really the cherry on top. It makes the vacation seem so much more real. 

So, it's official -- we're going... and I love being able to hold these tickets in my hands!

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  1. Eeee Michelle I'm so excited for you!! Disney is definitely one of my favourite places in the world, although I've never done Disneyland only Disneyworld and Disneyland Paris (for the first time a couple of weeks ago!). You'll have the best time, wish I was going!


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