Maybelline Baby Lips

I love Maybelline Baby Lips -- I'm unapologetic about how much I love these lip balms. They are super moisturizing with just the perfect amount of tint. 

I bought my first one -- the coral color on the left -- about two months ago and it's one I carry in my purse everyday. It's a gorgeous sheer coral, providing just the perfect amount of pinky orange color that pops. I wear it almost everyday. 

I bought Peach Kiss while in Idaho on a brief trip. I love nude shades of lip stick and balm, but I have a hard time finding one that doesn't make me look like I have a bad cold! This one is perfect because, like Coral Crush, it's very sheer. Both are very moisturizing. I do notice sometimes that Peach Kiss doesn't go on as smooth as the coral color -- I'm not sure what it is, except that Peach Kiss is part of a summer line. It makes me think they slightly altered the formula for that shade. Either way though, both are great. They're perfect if you love having a bit of lip color, but hate the maintenance of lip stick... and it's an added bonus if you're addicted to lip balm like me!

I'm currently on a "I can't buy anymore lip balms or anything seriously" ban (since I have about 8 tinted lip balms in my purse right now!) but I would love to add some Baby Lips balms to my collection for winter -- they have a standard clear peppermint that looks awesome. I've noticed a definite improvement in my lips since starting to use these; they just don't get as dry and flaky as before!

I hope you all are having a wonderful Wednesday!

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