Planning Our Disneyland Honeymoon

Danny and I never even talked about where we wanted to go for our honeymoon: the answer was always Disneyland. 

When Danny and I first started dating, we both realized we love Disney. The movie Peter Pan inspired Danny to love writing (and he still loves Peter Pan!); we even watched it on our first date! I told him all the weird/cool things I know about Disneyland (such as the entrance to the park is designed to recall walking into an old fashioned movie theatre, with all the lands and rides representing genres and different types films, respectively). I'm not what you could call a "Disney nerd" but I definitely love Disneyland. It is my happy place. 

We're both so excited to be going to Disneyland. I thought I'd share with you guys our plans for our honeymoon. 

I'm not a comfortable flyer. Airports are such headaches these days -- my least favorite part is having to walk barefoot across a floor where literally thousands of other people have walked barefoot. Excuse me while I barf. However, Disneyland is worth it.

When we booked our flights, we had a few things we wanted: as few stops as possible; as cheap as possible; and we wouldn't have to pay for baggage. There are some budget airlines with direct routes from our home airport to LAX, but we had to measure our bags (in advance!) and pay for the possible weight of them. Um, yeah, no. We ended up booking a flight that stopped in San Francisco (both ways) on a major airline. Okay, it's not ideal: it's the same airline I took to my ill-fated Las Vegas trip last year and I'll be in the same terminal where I tried to sleep as well! But I'm hoping for better luck next time. The tickets weren't bad for two people and we got ideal times, with only one stop in a relatively easy-to-navigate airport.

I knew immediately I wanted to stay on-site... if we could afford it. On-site at Disneyland means a Disney-owned hotel, of which there are three: the Grand Californian (the most expensive), the Disneyland Hotel (medium), and the Paradise Pier (least expensive). Danny and I decided on the Paradise Pier because the location is great (it's right beside the Disneyland hotel) and it has a big, amazing pool for afternoon relaxing! Plus, the price was great for a Disney hotel.

One way we got a great deal was bundling our hotel and flight purchases together -- we didn't book our hotel through Disney, which is a great way to save a little bit!

Disneyland tickets are confusing. But the best deal, no matter what, is Park Hopper tickets and to buy them in advance (always)! Danny and I will be at Disneyland for seven days, but they only sell 5-day park hoppers... which means we will end up adding 2 days to our tickets at some point, but it's very easy and cost effective to do.

I ordered our tickets online through Disneyland's website. There is an option to print them yourself, which is free, or you can have them shipped to you for $5. I decided to have them shipped because I love the Disney-printed tickets -- they're just a little more special and it means we have a keepsake for our scrapbook.

Danny and I opted out of a Disney dining plan, mainly because we are probably going to eat a large number of our meals off-site. It's good exercise to walk to places around Disneyland and a lot of Disneyland's eateries are not my favorite. We made two dining reservations through Disneyland's website -- which means we have two for-sure places we're going to eat and we can buy or split meals at off-site places otherwise. It'll save us a little money and we still get the Disney eating experience. Our two reservations are for the Blue Bayou (in Pirates of the Caribbean) and Napa Rose, which is a fine dining restaurant in the Grand Californian. I've never been to either and I'm super excited! Otherwise, I'm looking forward to enjoying Disneyland's variety of snacks... like caramel apples/

Danny and I don't have a budget for souvenirs -- I'm not much of a knick knack person, but I do want to get a few small things to commemorate our time there, like a picture frame or something like that. We'll see what we find, but otherwise, our main splurges are going to be on food... not stuff!

News flash: you can pack an entire week's worth of clothes into a carry-on. I swear! Seriously! It's possible! We can do this!

Danny and I are going to attempt to only bring small carry ons with us which sounds like a huge pain in the butt, but if you're a chronic worry wart like me, you know that checking baggage is pretty much worry central. If I check a bag, I literally spend the entire time in the airport and the entire time on the subsequent flights freaking out about whether I'll still have my favorite flats by the time I get to my destination. It's too much!

My mom took me shopping for honeymoon clothes (because she's awesome) and I have a selection of pretty dresses to get me through my time in Disneyland... I'm basically bringing: sandals; dresses; one part of shorts; a few tank tops; and a bikini. Not exactly a huge suitcase. I plan on taking advantage of free hotel samples for my shampoo needs and buying any other necessary items (like a razor, face wash, and toothpaste) while there. The only liquids I'll be bringing with me will probably be my make up -- which isn't easily replaceable.

Can you guys tell I'm so excited for Disneyland? Danny and I are so excited to get to share something that we both love together for the first time. We're huge dorks and I can't wait to show you guys our silly pictures, funny souvenirs, and ridiculous amounts of food and snacks!

Do you have any honeymoon tips -- from making the flight easier to places we definitely need to go?

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