Wardrobe Rehab: Why You Should Get Rid of the Clothes that Make You Feel Bad

The other day I decided to do something, well, crazy. Something I'd never done before.

I cleaned out my wardrobe.

And I did so with this mindset: anything that makes me instantly feel bad by even just thinking about putting it on... I have to get rid of. Or pack up for a little while. Or something. I need it out of sight, out of mind. All the too-small clothes from a year ago. All the clothes I used to love but feel like crap in. All the things I think "Well, when I lose 10 pounds this will look cute again..." when I put them on. I need to put them away, stop looking at them, move on. Move on.

That's the big one. I need to move on.

How I feel right now reminds me a lot of how I felt at the end of high school. I had gained weight and graduated high school and all the things I used to wear started to not fit me, either because I had physically outgrown them or because they just weren't something I wanted to wear anymore. But I wanted to cling to the persona I had in high school, which sort of revolved around my clothes. I wanted to still be that person who wore those specific clothes and looked good-ok-decent in them. But I couldn't be. I hated everything and I hated how they made me look and I hated my body and I was generally miserable.

I'm in a very similar place right now. My body has changed and try as I might, my body seems to be asserting the fact that it wants this amount of fat and weight on it right now. I can restrict calories and work out and lift weights but it's not going to change anything. The clothes I used to wear aren't ever going to make me feel like they used to me, and part of me wonders if that is part my body and part the fact that I've moved on from dressing a certain way. Maybe I'm really over dressing like a twee hipster fashionista. (Never!) Or maybe I'm just over those items. Maybe I'm just totally over dressing to impress other people and "look" like a fashion blogger. Maybe I'm over being a fashion blogger.

Maybe it all just makes me feel bad and unsuccessful and like a disappointment.

Okay, that's not a "maybe." That's a "yes this does make me feel bad and disappointed in myself." And that sucks. And when something sucks and makes you feel depressed, you should stop doing it. You should stop wearing the pants that make you feel bad, that you think you look fat in, that are 2 sizes too small but you want to keep them because you love them and maybe some day you'll lose enough weight to fit into them. Stop it, self! I say. Stop it, right now! These are clothes. They don't mean anything. They aren't worth more than your happiness. They aren't worth more than Danny or your puppy or your job or anything else that you're going crazy over because you don't fit into a pair of LAVENDER SHORTS ANYMORE. THEY ARE LAVENDER SHORTS. Seriously, Michelle, you have a B.A. You're too smart for this!

And that, my friends, is why I performed a Wardrobe Rehab.

  • Step 1: Grab a box or a garbage bag or whatever you're going to jam these harbingers of mental destruction into. Place it right beside your closet. 
  • Step 2: Go through each item piece by piece. Don't skip anything. Don't say, "But I totally love this and will wear it when..." If that when ends with "lose 10 pounds" or "magically shrink to the size of a pixie" or "have a thigh gap," promptly rid yourself of it, because no. 
  • Step 3: Don't stop. Don't take a break. Even if this is making you mentally exhausted to admit that you should get rid of those jeans you've had since high school that remind you of your old best friends, the ones you've had for, seriously, nine years.... don't stop. This is a battle for your brain right now. 
  • Step 4: When you've been through every hanger, ever drawer, even possible clothing stash, zip up the bag, put on the lid, or close it up. You don't have to take these things to Goodwill ASAP. You can just hide them. You don't have to look at them anymore. You don't have to be reminded that you used to be "tiny" or that you once really loved a mustard midi skirt that you shrank tragically in the wash. You don't have to look at these things or feel bad about them or put them on a cry because you look minutely different from the way you did a year and a half ago. Put them away. Don't think about them. Move on
Let's get on this, guys. Life is way too short to be miserable over something as silly as clothes. 


  1. What a great post! I can totally relate to you! I had a mini melt down Saturday night because I didn't like anyone on me. Lol. and you're right, it's so silly to be this upset over clothes!

    Hope you're feeling better now that You've got your closet cleaned out!

  2. Lovely post!

    Emma x

  3. Oh I definitely need to go through my wardrobe like this, and maybe this will help me to man up and do this!



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