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Guys, I've tried to keep these little intros kinda funny-but-generic because omgbusyweddingstuff, but I need to tell you something. It's serious. I need to gush and I don't usually do that. But-- this girl? Libby? She's awesome. Like, straight up. Follow her on Twitter. Follow her on Tumblr. Follow her blog. Adore her. She's awesome. She started reading my blog ages ago and was one of the first people I connected with on Twitter. She and I friended each other on Facebook a while ago and I know whenever I need someone, she's there. The Saturday before my wedding, a package showed up at my mom's house and it was a wedding present from this girl. I cannot even begin to express what that felt like. She's amazing and the world needs to know! So read her blog post below, visit her blog, and stalk her on Twitter because, straight up, she's great. 

Hi there! 

My name is Libby and I blog (and by 'blog' I mean 'sometimes remember I have a blog', but I'm starting back into it) over at Askesian Adventures. I'm a brand-new college graduate trying to document these crazy, mile-a-minute times I'm living. I'm headed to grad school in the fall, so this summer is going to be full of fun things for me, and I hope you'll join me. I love robots, my silly hound-dog, travelling, singing, dancing, working out, and just going along for the ride.

I'm not getting married anytime soon. So, what am I doing guest posting for the lovely Michelle while she's honeymooning?! 

Well, for one, I absolutely -love- this girl, and she's the reason I started blogging (even though I'm not too good at it yet)... so when she asked for guest submissions, I was like OH HECK YES GURL, I'M IN! If she and I lived on the same coast I'm convinced we'd be BFFs. 

Really, though - what brings me here? "Events", right Michelle?!. Well, yeah. ROBOT EVENTS.

I've been involved in a program called FIRST Robotics since I was a little kid - I've volunteered, been on a team, been a mentor - it's crazytown, and I love it. FIRST is all about getting kids interested in science and engineering by creating a sporting competition out of robotics! I won't bore you, but if you'd like to learn more, Morgan Freeman can tell you all about it:

One of the things I've become a lot more involved in recently is event planning at our competition. I've had the honor of getting to spend an insane amount of time with Steve Krawic and his team from Show Ready Events for the last few years, and it's taught me so much about the execution and planning of events - not just for robotics, but for pretty much everything I do. Working with these incredible professionals has given me a new perspective on all the places my life takes me. 

Thanks to my close ties with FIRST, I get to travel the world for 7 weeks out of the year, seeing new competitions and events in all different sorts of venues, with all different needs - and I even get to help run an event of my own. 

That right there's the Boston Regional. (One regional, by the way, out of over 50 that happen during the competition season.)

For the last 5 years, I have served as the Volunteer Coordinator for this spectacular show. It's how I got started in my unofficial-shadowing/tagging-along with Show Ready, and it's taught me so many things. Not only about event planning, but about life. Here's a little list.

1.) Always, always, ALWAYS smile.

With events filled with thousands of people, something is bound to go wrong. But with the right attitude, all people will remember is how well things were handled. 

2.) Egos will battle. Don't let yours win.

Working on events can make everyone clamor for the credit. Especially when you're working with people who are already friends, it can be hard to distinguish who's working for themselves vs. who's working for the benefit of the event. My advice is to keep your head down and just power through it - when the event, no matter what it is, executes flawlessly? You'll shine.

3.) Surround yourself with the right people.

One of the first things I learned in is that it doesn’t take a lot of people to make really fantastic events happen. Small groups can mean really awesome results. You don’t need 100 people to put together a great event; you just need a few of the right people. 

This is a perfect example of the 'right people'. Our lovely Emcees, my friends, and very little dignity betwixt the three of us.

I've loved every minute of my experience working on robotics events, and I hope to continue doing so, and learn even more lessons. Then maybe one day when Michelle is travelling the world, I'll be back to teach you even more. Until then, I'll see ya around! I'm gonna sign off, so I can go work on planning MidKnight Mayhem - a competition hosted by my hometown robotics team! 

Michelle, all my best wishes for your big day. You are the reason I started blogging, and the reason I hope to continue. I'm so glad we connected. 



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  1. Great guest post my lovelies! Libby, loved that robotics event, crazy awesome! <333 Thanks for sharing, will head straight to Libby's blog now!

    Liana x
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