Graduation Attire, a Guest Post from Elle

Hi everyone! I'm on my honeymoon and so I have a GREAT group of guest posts going up this week! This first one is from Elle. We met through our blogs a few years ago (!!) and she's one of my favorite people I've met through blogging. Check out her guest post on her graduation attire below!

Hello there, Locked Out readers! My name is Elle, & I am graduating from university in two months (had to wrap up two classes), and heading off to pharmacy school. I blog over at The Adventures of Elle & met Michelle through my old blog & a site she used to write for. While Michelle is off dealing with wedding stuff (so excited for her- I “knew” her when she was contemplating dating Danny, & I couldn’t be happier with how well things turned out for them!) I offered to step in. She gave me the theme of events, since she’s having her own major milestone right now. I figured I’d use graduation as mine.

My university requests that we wear black/ dark colors to the ceremony, and while many students choose to disregard this, I decided to look around since I’ve wanted a little black dress for the longest time, having long admired the one my sister owns. I tried on one that was perfect but unfortunately, it was in the wrong place in the store (don’t you hate when that happens?), and it was much more expensive than I thought, so I didn’t purchase it. 

I ended getting an adorable lace crochet dress from JC Penney for less than $20. I’m on a fairly strict budget right now, as I save up for my very first apartment and moving across the state for school. I didn’t get to take outfit photos with the dress because my apartment is in that “half cleaned out, half sorting through” phase but below is the dress!

It’s hard to capture the full details of the dress, and it’s one of those that looks a lot better on an actual body with curves to fill it out. 

And here is what the pattern looks like up close! Isn’t it pretty?

Have a wonderful day, & thanks for reading about my impending life event. 

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