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While I'm on my honeymoon, I've lined up a great bunch of guest posts! Today's is from Amie at Cherry Cheeked Vintage. She's writing about an amazing thrifted outfit that would be perfect for any event -- from a BBQ to a night at the movies! This is definitely an outfit I love and endorse. Thanks, Amie! 

Hello there! Let me introduce myself,  I'm Amie from Cherry Cheeked Vintage where I blog about vintage fashion and lifestyle. I am very excited to be doing a guest post for Michelle while she is on her awesome honeymoon!  My post will be focusing on putting together a versatile outfit for a day event like a walk in the park, shopping or an evening event of dinner or casual drinks.  Simplicity is a big factor for me when putting together an outfit and also being chic without being overdressed. I find it pretty uncomfortable when you walk into a casual business dressed like you're going to the opera -- yikes!  I really love vintage clothing so sometimes it's hard not to look like your stepping out of a different time period.

As for my outfit, the fiance and I took a casual walk in the park today as the weather was just right. So I thought a blouse and skirt would be perfect.  The blouse and skirt I'm wearing are both thrifted from my favorite thrift charity shop that I like to visit on a biweekly basis . I love how the skirt is high waisted and can give a slender girl a bit more curve but also has a 60's Mad Men look to it. As for the blouse I absolutely love coral for spring and summer. It's a bright and cheery color that looks mature on everyone. The skirt itself is made of a fairly heavy material, so if you're going to an event where the weather is going to be super hot, I suggest going with a more lightweight flowy fabric. As for shoes I love a good pair of flats when it comes to being on my feet all day but if you don't want to wear flats and your planning on wearing heels all day, always pack a pair of extra flats in your bag just in case. I don't know how many times I have worn heels to an all day event and wished I had brought a pair of flats with me as I limped home that evening!  Such a simple outfit and so easy to put together for any type of event.  I hope you enjoyed this little guest post and once again a big thanks to Michelle for letting me do a post here :)


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  1. Really lovely outfit! I adore the peach coloured top with the skirt - it really suits you :)


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