I Got a Spray Tan and It Was Amazing

When I was in middle school, I went through a short-lived obsession with self-tanner. I hated being pale; I hated my legs especially; and I wanted to be tan like my friends at school. I routinely coated my legs with awful bronzing self-tanner that was often uneven, streaky, and just plain awful. By the time I hit high school I was done: I haven't tanned since. I don't lay out; I don't use self-tanner; I don't go to tanning shops.

But I started thinking last week... that, for my wedding, I wanted to look, you know, glowy. I wanted to look like me, but like I'd just flown in from a relaxing vacation in the Bahamas or something. Also, I wanted to even out a tan on my shoulders, and the fact that my arms are freckled beyond belief... and my legs are ghostly pale. Little things, you know.

I made an appointment and I waited, apprehensive, but also a little bit excited. I mean, it was exciting, right? However, I knew I didn't want to walk out looking like Snooki. I mean, look. 

Random, but did you know Snooki has a line of tanning oil? I didn't, but they sold it at the tanning salon I went to. The bottles are very Snooki. 

Speaking of the salon I went to, I have to give them a shout out. Color of Beauty in Eugene was amazing; it was easy to schedule a visit and they use a special booth for spray tans, instead of an individual spraying you. Which, let me just say, I was kind of stressed about getting sprayed by someone. I'm wearing a strapless dress for my wedding and I was planning on getting my spray tan topless. It's nice that I was able to have a room to myself to undress and move around and figure out the poses.

When I arrived at my appointment, I checked in and was taken to a room with the spray tan booth. The attendant showed me all the poses and then left me to it. I got undressed, coated the palms of my hands, soles of my feet, and my cuticles with a Vaseline-like lotion to keep the spray tan from sticking. Then, I got into the booth. There are four poses: the first is facing forward with your arms kind of out and palms down; the second and third are the same, just different directions (left and right) and are kind of a hybrid between holding a platter facing left and doing the Egyptian; the fourth is the same as the first, but turned the opposite direction. The spray tan is applied by two little sprayers that travel up and down a track in the booth. After the spraying is done, the two little sprayers blow air at you until you're dry. The one thing about the spray tan is it is cold and I was a bit shocked when it hit my face. When I climbed out, I wiped my hands and feet and changed into my loose, dark clothes that I'd brought -- you don't want to wear a white top out, that's for sure!

The attendant told me to wait at least four hours to shower. Two hours later, though, I could already see the color developing; there was a definite tan line where I'd kept my underwear on! By four hours, the color was great.

Having never been tan, it's really strange to look down and see such obvious tan lines! I chose the medium color, instead of the dark, and I'm glad I did, because while I love this tan, if it was darker, I know it would look just plain weird! I feel like this looks really natural and I'm really happy with it... and this is coming from a very pale girl!

Edit: Everyone is asking for a picture!. I didn't take a before picture, so it's a bit hard, and the tan is extremely subtle, so it's only really obvious if you see me and my skin tone on a regular basis. It's really hard to get a picture of also because I don't have access to great light and I only have one (bikini bottom based) tan line. I did take this one and posted it on Instagram.

Have you ever tanned before? Tell me about it!


Thank you for reading my blog! :]
xo Michelle

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