Little Wedding Details: Getting It All Together

On Sunday, my mom and I got so much wedding stuff done: rentals paid, check; flowers paid for, check; hair and make up run through done, check!; garter, sign holder, and fashion tape purchased, check! It felt really good to get all the tiny details figured out and settled. 

The most important part of Sunday was my hair and make up run through at Gervais Salon in Eugene. I've been going to Gervais for years and there was no other place I wanted to get my hair and make up done! I'll be posting more on this later, but these are the lip colors I picked out for my wedding day: a lipstick in Poppy (it's a dark berry color) topped with gloss in Sun-Kissed Melon! The result is amazing, trust me! 

Second order of business: finding a small holder for a table sign! We're only having one reserved table at the reception -- for Danny and I, plus our parents. I needed something cute and small to hold a small sign... my mom and I found this in a local party supply store. It's perfect and I can use it for something later. 

Fashion tape and my pearl headband! While in David's Bridal, I found a roll of fashion tape and these strapless dress strips. I don't want to be yanking on my strapless dress all night, so these are a must have. Plus I can use them later!

A garter! I didn't know I needed one, but my mom mentioned in Sunday... I have something old (my great grandmother's necklace), something new (my dress), and something blue (this garter!). I just need something borrowed... can I consider my nephews accessories? I picked this one because it wasn't horribly froo-froo and it included my wedding colors, in a slightly pastel fashion.

I'm starting to get really excited for the wedding -- not that I wasn't before, but getting my hair and make up done, picking up the last little details, and getting everything figured out has left me feeling so excited for the 23rd to just get here!

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  1. Oooo excited but nervous I guess! Your new garter is very cute!


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