Lorac Pro Cream Eyeliner in Black

In the past few months I've become a huge fan of winged eyeliner -- even on my plain make up days, a quick swoosh of gel liner makes me feel like a million bucks. For the wedding, I'm having a more dramatic winged eye (exciting!!) but, as I mentioned before, where I'm getting my make up done uses a line of make up that doesn't have a gel or liquid liner, only pencil. So I picked up a new gel eyeliner from Sephora on Saturday to bring along on my wedding day for them to use!

For the past few months, I've been using Rimmel London's Revolution-eyes Gel Liner, which works great and actually is an almost identical package to Lorac's. 

Basically a little pot of liner with the brush hidden in the cap. Easy to use, easy to store. The problem I've found with Rimmel London's is that the brush gets really dirty and yet, after I use it, the brush doesn't snap back to how sharp it was before. It takes getting a lot of product back on it for it to make a smooth line and a pointed wing. Not exactly hygienic. Plus, something about the formula of Rimmel London's actual gel seems... sweaty. For lack of a better word. Does that make sense? There is something very oily and, well, sweaty about it! 

I tested out the Lorac Pro Cream Eyeliner (with a different brush, not the one it comes with) and the formula is incredibly smooth. It's also dark-dark black, which is always a plus in my book! There also seems to be more eyeliner in the little pot in comparison to Rimmel London's, which for the extra price, is really good! After I bought the Lorac eyeliner, I had a moment of Why didn't I just buy a new Rimmel London? It's half the price! But I'm really glad I got the Lorac kind for my wedding day -- I think it's a stronger formula that will stay on through tears, tissues, pictures, cake, and dancing. And, just saying, that's kind of important! 

Hope you all are having a wonderful day! 

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