Summer is Here!

Dress, Target
Headband, Forever 21
Wedges, Lauren Conrad for Kohl's
Bracelet, vintage

Well, okay, maybe summer isn't here quite yet. But it's June! Which means: wedding is in 17 (!!!) days; I'm going to Disneyland; and the sun is shining... off and on, but still, shining. I took these photos Saturday before a barbecue at my mom and dad's house. I actually ended up not wearing this outfit there; I opted for my go-to maxi dress and flat sandals, since it turned out, my little nephews would be there. 

I bought this dress on a whim for $13 about a year ago. It was on clearance at Target. I actually got it because I'd worn a really uncomfortable dress to work that day and I needed something to put on, so during my lunch break, I ran to Target and this was the only dress I liked at all. Weirdly, it's turned into one of my favorites this spring -- the length makes it great for work and it's so comfortable, it feels like I'm wearing sweat pants!

You can't tell a whole lot in these pictures, but this is post-spray tan. I'm a little enamored with the spray tan right now -- the only please where it's a bit splotchy is on my hands. I think next time, I just need to moisturize them about 30 minutes before the spray tan... I think they were just a bit dry! Otherwise, I'm kind of stupidly excited to get another spray tan before the wedding. I have to make sure it get it ahead a good bit so I won't get any orange bits on my dress! That'd be really awful. 

Sunday after I took these pictures, Danny and I were supposed to go meet the person officiating our wedding, but I ended up not feeling well. After going to the gym, I got home and went to sleep ... for two hours! Then, I got up, ate breakfast, and fell asleep sitting up on the couch until about noon! I'm not a person who naps -- they make me feel disgusting, sweaty, and groggy and it really disrupts my night sleeping schedule. But I just couldn't get any energy! Danny and I ended up running into town for groceries and when I got back, I took my temperature and I had a small fever. Not fun. But I seem to be over it now. Saturday night, I couldn't stop sneezing and I had a small fever then too, so maybe it was just a really short, very intense cold!

Well, I hope you all have a fantastic Thursday! I can't believe it's almost the weekend again -- I'm doing a hair/make up wedding run through and then hopefully meeting up with the person officiating my wedding this weekend. Tonight, I'm meeting up with the bakery doing my cake & cupcakes to finalize those details... which might me a bit of cake for me -- yum! 

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  1. Very cute. I love when a purchase like that becomes a favorite later on!


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