The Best Hostess Gifts: A Guest Post from Sarah from Shades of Sarah

Sarah was one of the first people to really consistently read my blog, way back when I was on Wordpress! She's been a huge supporter and she's become a really good friend. Check out her blog Shades of Sarah (link below) and you can also follow her on Twitter. 

Hi, I’m Sarah, and can I just say HOW EXCITED I am to be guest blogging for Michelle while she’s on her honeymoon?! I blog over at Shades of Sarah and Locked Out was one of the very first blogs I started reading! That means I’ve been following Michelle’s blogging adventures since before she and Danny were dating!! So in a word, congratulations!! And now to my post!

Summer is easily my favorite season. With the warmer weather and relaxed atmosphere come plenty more opportunities to enjoy the outdoors and get together with friends.

Even as young adults, many casual occasions call for some token of appreciation, and I love picking out hostess gifts. Here are some of my affordable picks for your next summer event: Hostess Gifts Under $50
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The Gift: Picture frame. (Bonus points for including a memorable picture with the hostess.) I love the enamel on this one, but it’s important (as always) to remember your friend’s personal tastes.

The Occasion(s):  Perfect for going-away/housewarming parties or (tamer) bachelorette parties/wedding showers. A picture frame isn’t just a token of appreciation, but it’s also a reminder of a valued friendship at the start of a new chapter. Plus in the Information Age, it’s nice to have some more tangible photographs – because how often do you really print your Facebook photos?

The Gift: A candle, preferably one with a fun, summer-y scent like coconut.

The Occasion(s): Barbecue/pool parties, housewarmings. A candle is a pretty simple gift, so it’s the perfect match for a casual (and super fun) get-together. Also, after years having to forgo real candles in dorms, get your college friend her first candle for her first apartment.

The Gift: Statement jewelry. Whether it’s a necklace, earrings, bangles, or even a scarf, accessories are the easiest way to give a fashionable gift without having to stress about sizes.

The Occasion(s): Birthdays or those more laid-back showers I mentioned. Jewelry is a fun gift, and as long as you have a general idea of what your friend prefers, you probably won’t need a gift receipt. (But just in case, you know!)

The Gift: Wine accessories. Put a twist on this classic hostess gift with personalized wine glasses (this is where chalkboard paint comes in) or some quirky wine stoppers. And you know, don’t forget the wine. My favorite (cheap) crowd-pleaser? The sweet and fruity white wine moscato from Barefoot.

The Occasion(s): Birthdays. Showers. Scandal marathons. Really, anytime when drinking and girl talk is encouraged.

To wrap it up (pun intended), gifts are really nothing to worry about. The key is to be creative and know your audience (in this case, the hostess but this is just good rule for the practice of life). A little personalization goes a long way too. Cheers!

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  1. Fantastic guest post my dear, really loved the ideas, so inspirational and helpful - just amazing! <33 Thank you both so much, will head over to Sarah's blog right away! ^^

    Liana x
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