Our Happily Ever After

Sunday evening, Danny and I met our photographers, Jayme and Russ of Harvest Moon Photography, for dinner to pick up our "presents" -- the thumb drive of all our wedding and engagement photos, as well as some large prints they'd made for us. I was so excited to get home and look at all the photos, and get them uploaded to Facebook so my friends and family could see them all! I won't post all the photos here (I have 50 engagement photos and over 300 wedding photos!) but I love every single one of them. The candid wedding photos are honestly some of the best... it turns out, I talk with my hands a lot! Here's just a few I love the most to share with you all!

Actual quote from this photo: "You have some schmutz on your face." 

Ahh! I can't believe it all really happened... still! We've been married a month today (!!) and it still feels like I should be planning a wedding, probably because I was in the planning phase for so long. All these pictures capture us perfectly -- I loved my wedding because it was so much fun. There was good music, good food, good cake, and fantastic people. 


  1. How sweet! You look gorgeous and so very happy! Happy one month anniversary:) I remember so well that feeling of, "Hey, shouldn't I be planning something?!" It was crazy wonderful to have all the details behind us. But you definitely finished your thank you notes before I did! :)

  2. The photos are amazing! You look gorgeous and so happy. Love your dress and all the little details.

  3. These are such gorgeous pictures - they are just so real :) I don't know if I've properly said it, but congratulations! Your nephews look SO sweet too and I just love the candid shots :)


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