Simple Strawberry Nails

Summer and strawberries. Post 4th of July is really strawberry season: strawberry pie, strawberry shortcake, strawberries dipped in chocolate. Mmm. I've been trying to keep my nails painted lately (I find it helps them grow out better) and having cute nail art is definitely a deterrent to biting or chewing on them!

I started with a coat of Essie's Grow Faster base coat. After that dried, I applied two coats of Blackheart Beauty's Amsterdam, a gorgeous strawberry red. As the red was drying, I used a dotting tool to draw a strawberry stem in the corner of one of my nails on each hand. You could definitely do a strawberry on each nail, but I'm not that patient! I used Essie's Navigate Her for the stem. I then used my dotting tool to add white seeds. After all the polish dried, I topped with a clear topcoat and used a small brush dipped in nail polish remover to remove the excess polish around my nails. 

I did these nails last Thursday and got so many compliments on Friday and through the weekend! I like having just one accent nail (although apparently this is "out" -- p-shaw!) and think having something cute like a strawberry is

Hope you all have a wonderful Monday!

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