Sizzling Like a Snare

Dress, Macy's. T-shirt, Forever 21. Belt, Kohl's. Sandals, Target. 

Have you guys every bought something that makes you think, "I can't believe I'm a person that owns this"? This dress is that for me. While shopping for honeymoon clothes, my mom saw it and convinced me to try it on; I liked it, but I wasn't blown away. In Disneyland, I put this dress on for an afternoon at the park and, well, it was comfortable, cool, flowy... I loved it. And I didn't expect to. I wore it to a fancy dinner. I've worn it to work (with a belt and cardigan; with a tee shirt over it; and with a button up over it) and I've worn it on the weekends. When I need something to wear, this is my go-to. And I never expected it to be. I never expected myself to own something that was tribal print (and to love it). And I really never expected to own a mullet hem dress. But, well, here I am. And I love it. 

I've been wearing dresses like this a lot lately: with a tee shirt over the top and rolled up under a wide belt. It makes some dresses more work appropriate, but also a little more comfortable. This dress actually has a braided section at the waist revealing some midriff, which is cute, but not necessarily everyday. I like doing whatever I can to get a bit more wear out of my dresses and I love how a plain white tee shirt makes everything a little more casual, and not quite so... "I've got a dress with a dramatic hem on"!

Let's talk about these wedge sandals for a minute as well: they are children's. They are from the children's section in Target. I am not ashamed. Danny's parents bought them for me when they visited about two weeks from the wedding. They are so comfortable and almost identical to a pair they sell in adult sizes (that are twice as expensive!). They also go with pretty much everything I own -- I mean, they're black and white. That's really one of the issues I have with sandals is they tend to only go with certain things, often because I pick a weird color or specific style. But these sandals? Nah, they go with everything.

Right at this moment, I am attempting to upload my engagement photos to Costco's website to order prints. It's my second try. It took over 15 hours to upload all my wedding photos (overnight), and yet, the most problems I've had are with the 50 engagement photos uploading! I've never been more frustrated and I just needed to share! 

I hope you all have a marvelous Monday. 

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