Wedding Talk, Part 1

Hello everyone! I'm back! You know that feeling where you spend a long time in a place that you love, followed by what seems like an eternity in the worst place ever, and then you get home, sleep, and drink a cup of tea and you're so happy to be home and content and alive? That's me right now. Danny and I had a wonderful time in California (save for our flights getting mega delayed on the way there!! Never fly through San Francisco, lesson learned!) but we spent most of yesterday in the airport. Wah-wah. I decided to take another day off from work to get my life in order. I have bags and suitcases everywhere and it's exhausting already! Plus all the wedding gifts, thank yous, and everything else... ahhh! There is so much to do! 

But instead of doing anything, I'm going to post some wedding pictures for you guys!

That's my nephew Mason on the left -- he did a good job as a flower boy, but did decide to pull up some flowers around the Sweet Cheeks pond. The picture on the right is my dad and I waiting from the ceremony to start. My bouquet was oncidium orchids -- I loved it! 

On the left, table arrangements of spray roses and greenery, with favors (full of M&Ms, Jolly Ranchers, Tootsie Rolls, and salt water taffy!). On the right, Danny and I in one of my favorite pictures ever.

Both of us and our parents! The view at the winery was gorgeous and I was so glad the weather decided to cooperate! It rained off and on earlier in the day and then rained right before the ceremony, but as it started, the clouds opened up and it was sunny. If that's not a sign, well then... 

And the ceremony! This is missing the flower boys, although as you can see, my older nephew Chase decided to sit beside me during the ceremony. He looks pretty cute there so it's ok! The end of the ceremony included an Irish handfasting ritual, where Danny and I's hands were essentially tied together. We saved the cord so it will go in a shadow box later. The ceremony was short -- I mean, short, less than six minutes! 

As promised, flower boy photos. Chase did an amazing job. However, Mason kept trying to pick up the flowers Chase threw. The last picture is my brother-in-law trying to wrangle him... Mason decided to dump out all the flowers so he could then pick them up. (Built in clean up crew, right there!) He looked so cute though, so it was ok. 

That's just a few that I have right now! I had a great wedding day and a great honeymoon. Now I'm back and busy, of course. I hope you all have a wonderful Monday!


    Congrats to you and Danny and wishing you guys all the health, wealth and happiness in your marriage, gorgeous lady! You looked absolutely stunning, love you dress choice. :)


  2. SO CUTE!! Congratulations :) x

  3. AHHHH I love it. The yellow flowers were perfection. Congratulations to you both <3.

  4. Beautiful photos :D I love your dress! It's nice knowing that another person wore a short dress too. Congrats! I got married earlier in March and it feels wonderful to be married. I hope that it carries onto you!


  5. Oh wow, superb pictures my dear, big congrats to both of you, wish you all the best in the world! <333

    Liana x
    Dress Code Chic

  6. beautiful wedding photos and location Michelle. Congrats to you and Danny. -Samantha Sink


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