Chambray Dots

Top, Old Navy. Jeans, American Eagle. Boots, Macy's. Glasses, c/o Firmoo. 

I'll be the first to tell you two things about this outfit: this shirt is too big; and my jeans are too small. 

I loved these pink jeans when I first got them. But after washing them twice they lost all their stretch and shrank dramatically; as well, the color faded really dramatically in some spots and not others. They aren't super flattering and I have a hard time bending my legs in them. It's kind of embarrassing. That being said, I want my pink jeans. I want them! I do! I love them! However, I think I'm to the point where I am over the stupidity of these jeans. I'm ready to move on. They just... don't work for me. I love them when I first got them and I want them to work for me so bad... but they just don't! 

I bought this shirt several months ago on sale at Old Navy. I love this shirt, but it just seems to never fit 100% correctly. Button up shirts are either too big or too small on me -- there is no in-between. That being said, I love this shirt and I wear it an embarrassing amount. I actually love wearing it with these pink jeans because it covers up how tight they are in the waist and butt and makes an otherwise uncomfortable pair of jeans wearable for at least a little while. 

I wore this outfit Thursday to work, the day before Danny and I drove to Idaho. I'm actually in Idaho writing this post, so how's that for weird hellos from the past!? 

I hope you all have a faaaantastic Tuesday!

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