Feeling Floral

Dress, Forever 21. Jacket, H&M. Shoes, ModCloth. Belt, Kohl's. 

Hello everyone! I know, I know, hold your applause -- two outfit posts in a row!? Color me surprised! I've been trying to take photos before work, even when I wear super boring outfits (like this one), but I suppose that's more honest! This is typically what I wear to work when I'm a bit tired and sluggish -- and trust me, the day I took these photos (Tuesday), I was definitely sluggish! 

I've been having a problem with sores in my mouth -- sort of like fever blisters, but not, since I don't have a fever, haven't bitten my lip, eaten anything out of the usual, etc. On Tuesday, they came back with a vengeance (after being gone the whole weekend, after appearing the first time on Friday after lunch) and by my lunch break, all across my bottom lip was sore, swollen, and bloody. Not an open sore, but like a big, huge blood blister! I told my boss I was taking a long lunch to go to Urgent Care -- I decided to go to the one closer to where I work, rather than the one at the hospital across town... I wish I'd gone to the hospital, because the Urgent Care I went to was absolutely useless! The practitioner there that day looked at my lip for barely a minute and then quickly said it was probably just nothing, a one-time thing. When I brought up they'd appeared suddenly on Friday, and I'd been having lots of canker sores and swollen spots in my mouth for a week, she backtracked and said by "one-time" she meant it could be something that came on and off over a week. Well... ok. She then had a nurse take my blood to see if I possibly have a bleeding disorder (incredibly unlikely) and sent me off. So... it felt like a huge waste of time! And I missed my lunch because I was sitting in a doctor's office and had to covertly try to eat when I got back to work, because if I didn't, after having two tubes of blood drawn, I probably would have passed out. 

So, oi vei, that's how my Tuesday went in this outfit! At least I looked cute with a bloody, swollen lip, right? 

I hope you all have a wonderful day -- better than my Tuesday at least! Here's to looking forward to the weekend, since Danny and I are headed to Idaho!


  1. What a cute dress!

    Emma x

  2. I don't think this is a boring outfit at all! Especially in the PNW where people are chronically casually dressed ;)


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