Horrible Awful Bad Mood

Top, Forever 21. Skirt, Target. Heels, Forever 21. 

Have you ever been in one of those moods where you try to talk yourself out of it and it just makes you feel worse? And no matter what you do, it just makes you mad and frustrated? And the more you think, jeez, snap OUT OF IT, the more you internally rebel by being like NO, I'm gonna be in a bad mood MEH. That's me. Right at this moment. Writing this. 

Originally, I wrote a post about how blah-blah I feel. Then I woke up this morning and decided to change it, because, seriously, who wants to read that? Let's talk about this outfit instead.

I want to be a girl who wears pencil skirts. I seriously, really do. I do, guys! Have you seen Charlotte from Girl Next Door Fashion in a pencil skirt? She looks fabulous. Me and my bulgy stomach, bigger-thighs-and-hips-than-waist lower half, and super short legs do not look so fabulous. Case in point: this skirt. It's tight on my hips and butt, but gaps in the waist and yet, still somehow seems to emphasize my much-hated tummy bulge. How does that work? I have no idea. In theory, I love this skirt -- polka dots! navy! -- but in reality, every time I wear it I feel "waah-waaaaaah" instead of "va-voom." It also wrinkles within about 5 minutes of wear, as is evident in these photos.

This shirt is one of the first things I bought back when I worked at the car dealership -- I washed it and it shrank up (like everything from Forever 21) and so I have a hard time wearing it with certain things now. However, I always get tons of compliments on this shirt, so it must still look ok...

I hope you all have a great Thursday. I'm going to do my best to beat my bad mood!

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  1. Ah Michelle, you are so sweet! I actually personally think you are rocking this outfit!
    I do actually have a problem with pencil skirts too-they're always too big on the waist! It's not just you!
    Hope you manage to get out of your bad mood!

    Charlotte x


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