Pink and Teal

Dress, Lauren Conrad for Kohl's. Cardigan, Old Navy. Scarf, gift. Flats, Target via Goodwilld. Belt, Forever 21. 

Hey guys and dolls. Who loves you? Me, obviously. 

I'm really, really proud of myself for how many outfits I've photographed this week. I mean, can we seriously just give me a pat on the back? Not to toot my own horn, but I complained about not having tiiiiime for almost a year and I've taken more outfit photos in a week than I have in, I don't know, six months? Yeah, that's depressing. I just have to do it. Just like everything. We just gotta make time, y'all. 

Speaking of "making time," I had a little mini-rant on Twitter last week that I wanted to expand on here. Can we talk about how annoying it is for people who don't work full-time to write about making time for: exercising; eating healthy; meditating; etc? Can we just talk about how grating and obnoxious that is? Ok, admittedly, it's hard work to be an at-home blogger, designer, photographer, etc. You have to be dedicated, set your own hours, and be very self-motivated. That being said though, if you have time to write a blog post, you undoubtedly have down time. Full-time bloggers can make good money, but on average, it only takes perhaps two hours to write your standard outfit photo blog post. I mean, if even that. So the rest of your day? Yeah, don't talk to me about "making time" to work out, or cook healthy meals, or whatever. I just can't. (This, obviously, does not include students or stay at home moms, both of which are strenuous and equivalent, really, to full-time jobs or more!) 

Let's talk about this outfit: it's one of my go-tos for work. It's comfortable, quick to put on, and pretty much always looks good. I did get really annoyed the day I wore this though, because the back of my hair is growing out funny and I can't deal with it. It gets really funny looking when I wear scarves. (Have I mentioned I'm growing out my hair again? That's a thing.) 

I love this dress though. I always forget how much I love it until I put it on again. It's just a great cut and a gorgeous print -- always cute!

Hope you all have a wonderful Monday! Danny and I are on our way back from Idaho today, so expect Idaho posts this week! 

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  1. First of all, I LOVE this dress! You definitely need to wear it more often!
    Secondly, the working out thing. I know exactly which blogger you're speaking about and it really boiled my blood too!
    I work full-time and I get up at 5am to do my workouts before I go to work. THAT my friend, is time management! I had loads of time to workout and blog and do all kinds of lovely things til I got a job. You can't explain how much time it takes up!
    Also I'm really glad you've posted lots of outfit posts lately! I always enjoy them!

    Charlotte x


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