Why I Started Running Again

Firstly, thank you all for the lovely response to my post about Chloe. I am still really torn up about her passing away and I get teary when I look at pictures of her or read the post I wrote about her. It's so nice to know though that people thought she was just as cute as I think she was and that they know how it feels to lose a pet. Sometimes, we all need perspective. On Thursday, one of my coworkers comforted me by telling me that Chloe knew it was her time to go and she knew she was well taken care of and that she was happy -- which is absolutely true. I think sometimes we (humans, I mean) only see death from our own perspective: it scares us and we hate the idea of missing out. But I think animals probably are a little more laid back; Chloe had lived quite a long life for a dog her size and age and so, as long as she was happy and free from pain, she was content to go. That's really comforting to me. I absolutely loved Chloe with all my heart (evidenced by the fact that I'm getting teary again writing just this paragraph), but I know that she was so happy when she was with us, so content and she knew she was incredibly loved. That my family and I provided that kind of life for her is more than enough to make her passing okay. 

Secondly, today I'm writing about running. As you guys might remember, back in March and April, my workplace had a competition to run 30 miles in 30 days -- I ended up running over 50 miles both months, which I thought was incredibly impressive. In high school, I ran track, but I was a sprinter -- I've never run for distance, just speed! It's really hard for me to run slowly and methodically, as I get pretty impatient. However, doing C25K both of those months taught me to slow down and enjoy running. Once the competitions were over, though, I found myself going back to my regular cardio plan. I need something to keep me motivated when I'm running, I've found out! 

Recently, Charlotte from Girl Next Door has been posting about running a lot, both on Twitter and her blog. She recently ran her first 5K which was so impressive and exciting! Because of her posting about running, I decided to start running again as well -- I started C25K again and realized it was a bit too slow for me at this point. I downloaded a new app -- Couch to 10K -- and decided I wanted to start being able to run more than three miles at a time. I can run 3 miles with quite a bit of effort, so I think training to run a 10k will really whip me into running shape! 

The more I run, the more I remember why I enjoyed it in high school, even though it's a totally different style and way of running! It's so relaxing and after I run, even if the run sucked and I hated every minute of it, I feel so much better, especially on bad days. It's exhilarating to realize what my body can do and how far it can get me. I've definitely increased my speed as well since my first days of running back in late February! I used to be jogging (and exhausted) at around 3.5-4 mph, but now I jog at 5mph, which makes me feel like a superhero! 

As well as running, I'm starting to add weight training to my work outs again -- I really stopped using weights after the wedding and I'm excited to get back into it. I think Saturday and Sunday are going to be my big weight training days and then during the week, I'll alternate days of running with doing Jillian Michaels' "Extreme Shed and Shred." Danny and I have been doing the Shed and Shred weekday evenings together and it leaves both of us exhausted!

I'm so excited to be running again. Even though I moan about not having lost weight, I know based on the fact that I can even make it through running five minutes straight or running three miles or a Jillian Michaels DVD, I'm more fit and in shape than I used to be. I'm excited to start seeing physical results, that's for sure! 

Hope you all are having a wonderful Monday!


  1. I'm so glad I inspired you to start running again Michelle! That's awesome! As I said on my blog, I've always hated running and never been a runner so it's kind of crazy now that I get up at 5am and do a 3 mile run before work!
    I'm also a bit stuck in a rut now with my 3 mile runs. I can do 3 miles now pretty happily, but I have a 10K to train for next year and I need to start pushing myself further and further. The thing putting me off things like Bridge to 5K is a) you only run 10 minutes at a time and it's back to intervals, which I'm kind of over and b) they demand an hour-long session from the start. When I get back from holiday I want to start adding 0.3 miles a week to my runs (i heard you should not increase distance beyond 10% per week) and keep building up until I get to 10K. I was wondering if you've tried this and how you've found couch to 10K?
    Anyway, this was awesome to read and I'm really happy for you. I run 3 mornings a week, do 30DS twice a week and then on a Saturday I do Parkrun at my local park and Sunday is my rest day! I'm actually finding it tough to do Jillian cause I'd rather run but like you, I know how important strength training is the the difference it makes to your body.
    Good luck!


    1. Couch to 10K starts with the C25K stuff (which is good for me to do over again because intervals are good for burning fat) but if you've just finished C25K i think it could be quite boring. I would definitely start trying to run for distance versus following an app. Since I ran short distances in high school, I don't have a ton of experience running for distance (since the distances I ran then was, literally, less than 300m or less than 1/4 of a mile!) I think the Couch to 10K app might work for you if you skip the first weeks that redo C25K. With 10ks, it really is an hour long from the start especially if you're new, so it's kind of a time commitment! An hour is a long time!


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