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I haven't written one of these posts in ages, but I'm really behind in blogging. I promise, I've had a lot of ideas to blog about... I've just been really busy lately! So here are instagram photos from the last few weeks, just a peak at what I've been up to!

1. Some pet owners might feel bad for doing this to their dog, but I don't. I'm sure Remus appreciated wearing Danny's Buzz Lightyear Mickey ears.
2. Homemade baked donut. I love my donut pan!
3. Fourth of July nails. I originally intended to do fireworks on the black nail and you can clearly see how well that went. 
4. Mint Candy Apple by Essie nails, complete with Dutch bros coffee. 

5. A week in the life. 
6. Mama Starbucks & baby Starbucks. I love the wee sample Starbucks cups!
7. This picture of Remus makes me smile. He gets this look on his face at night -- he's obsessed with trying to steal the pillows I use! Only mine, not Danny's!
8. This is my backyard. 

9. "You're very helpful here, Remus, thank you..." 
10. My mom bought me this book ages ago and I finally got around to reading it. I have an astonishing Royal biography collection, so I'm glad I finally read it. (Verdict: it was okay, as far as Diana biographies go. They all tend to heap the praise on her, don't they?) 
11. Watermelon nails. 
12. Remus, demanding a treat. (He does this every morning.) 

13. Strawberry nails! I loved these. 
14. Sweet Cheeks Riesling. I got married at Sweet Cheeks Winery and their Riesling is my favorite wine ever ever. I wish it wasn't so expensive!
15 & 16. Sleepy Remus. On my pillows in one (seriously, he is a pillow stealer, sometimes at night he'll jump on me to get me to move!), and in his chair in another. 

17. Puzzle time! This puzzle was hard and I'm not allowed to pick any more Americana illustrated town scenes (says Danny). 
18. Joyland by Stephen King. Verdict: it was Stephen King and I had the "mystery" solved by halfway through the book!
19 & 20. More sleepy Remus. I swear he doesn't sleep as much as it seems -- it's just when I can get cute pictures of him!

21. Trying to get me to move so he can sleep on my pillows. 
22. Testing out a new lipstick. 
23. Mint nails with a bow. (I'm still working on getting bows to look right.) 
24. Blueberry donuts with orange glaze. Yum!

15. Falling Sky Brewing is potentially my new favorite place in Eugene. Their fries were amazing!
16 & 17. Not to brag, but I think Danny and I had the cutest engagement photos ever...even if they happened a week before our wedding!
18. Remus trying to get Danny to wake up. This is an "every morning" thing. 

19. Fancy nails! Ooh-la-la. 
20. Remus hates road trips. He makes this face the entire time
21. Tiny bottle of Diet Pepsi. I am obsessed with buying these. They're smaller and more manageable! 
22. A bellini at Olive Garden after 8 hours of driving is necessary. 

23. I took this as I left Idaho. Ok, it's pretty sometimes. Shhh, don't tell anyone. 
24. My Chloe-wowee. I cannot believe it's been over a month since she passed. I still get really teary about it. She was such a sweetie pie! My parents other dog, Cleio, has been horribly lonely since.
25. I bought a ton of frames at the Dollar Store. I was really impressed by how nice they all looked!
26. I also got some Martha Stewart towels at Macy's with a gift card. I love these towels! They're so absorbent and they are HUGE

27. I love Cinnamon Buns hand sanitizer. Love this so much at work!
28. I bought this top at Charlotte Russe and promptly shrank it (as I often do with floaty loose tops). 
29. Danny bought me a donut. Enabler. 
30. Remus when we're trying to sleep. Seriously. He's a monster. 

31. Harrumph. 
32. New ModCloth dress? Check. New flats? Check. 
33. Danny and I's home! This is it post-siding, pre-paint. We've had a month-long set back (following a wiring theft which, ugh), but we're finally getting stuff moving again! Yay!
34. In the meantime, I made pickles. Yum yum yum. 

35. I bought a little dachshund necklace! I had seen one on Modcloth ages ago and emailed them about it after Chloe passed -- they said they didn't carry it anymore and didn't have any extras in their archive department (which was awesome that they checked for me). When I went to Forever 21 a few days later, there was one silver dachshund necklace in a display at the check stand. Seriously, it was destiny! It reminds me to Chloe and I love it. 
36. My other Forever 21 goodies. Socks and a floral sweater. Mmm. 
37. I love my panda socks. Pandas and polka dots!
38. I learned how to do interlocking dots nails and I love them so much! 

39. My feet and I watching some TV. That's a panda humidifier wearing a panda hat on the dresser!
40. Homemade cupcakes filled with fudge. Yes please. 
41. Gradient nails. So pretty. 
42. Starbucks and Lunchable for lunch. I'm an adult, guys. 

43. I love Essie's Naughty Nautical. One of my favorite nail polishes ever. 
44. I made pesto with the huge amount of basil I got in my CSA. So yummy!
45. Foggy pre-Fall morning. 
46. PSL < SCM. Fact. 

47. I loved these nails, but I promptly smudged every single nail after I took this photo. I swear, they were even dry! 
48. Paint is on! White with red trim, after my mom talked me out of red with white trim. 
49. My mom taught me how to can green beans, so now Danny and I have a ton of green beans for the year. 
50. I bought a cleaning tote so I can do adult activities like actually clean my house. I also labeled all the products in the hope that Danny might use them. 

51 & 52. My mom made blackberry pie filling to can and one jar didn't seal, so I made dough (with my food processor!) and then made mini blackberry pies, which are amazing and delicious. I promptly ate one. 
53. The weather has been in that weird transition phase here lately -- it'll be hot and muggy and then cold and rainy and then back to hot and stuff. Gross. 
54. This is a note I keep on my desk at work. Be positive or something. 

Well, that's been the last few weeks! Hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday! 

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